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Merchant Account for Credit Card Processing


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If you are looking for a merchant facility or merchant account for credit card processing through a payment gateway then this article will help you.   If you are a large international merchant and having problems with the reliability of your existing service provider, looking for more payment options, or want to improve the security of your processing, then undoubtedly the PayGate payment gateway reliable track record will make you more money.  Up time in the internet and ecommerce industry is critical to business success.   PayGate payment gateway has over ten year's experience in providing internet merchants processing or wanting to process credit cards to the many banks they support worldwide.   

Getting a merchant account for internet credit card processing through a payment gateway is simple:

1.  Go to the PayGate payment gateway website
2.  View the types of products available and select the one's most suited to your business
       a  PayBatch for batch credit card processing
       b  PayWeb for your ecommerce shopping cart
       c  PayXML if you want complete control of want to acquire via mobile
       d  PaySubs if you want recurring credit card processing for subscriptions
       e  PayBill if you want an easy and secure way of billing and getting paid
       f   PayFx if you want to advertise for credit card payment in different currencies
       g  PayProtector if you want to minimise your fraudulent payments
3.  Once you have chosen your credit card processing products then fill in the Get Connected form
4.  PayGate payment gateway will then help you get a merchant facility at the most appropriate bank for your needs
5.  PayGate payment gateway's integration technology is available for download on their website
6.  Once you are integrated and your ecommerce website is up and running then PayGate will switch you on for credit card processing

PayGate payment gateway has for over ten years been providing reliable and effective credit card processing for merchants who need or have a merchant account or merchant facility.

Date Posted: 2010-01-19
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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