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PayBatch – Batch Credit Card Processing Made Easy


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Many businesses, particularly mail order merchants, need a credit card processing service that allows them to bill a large number of customers in a user-friendly and efficient way. In order to meet the needs of these businesses PayGate has developed PayBatch, a user-friendly, secure and cost effective batch credit card payment processing service. This service is recommended for merchants requiring the ability to bill a number of credit cards via a credit card payment gateway without the added workload of processing each transaction individually.

The PayBatch batch credit card payment processing service is a web-based service accessed via an interface in the PayGate Back Office admin website, therefore no additional development or installation of hardware and software is required. Using the PayBatch technical document provided on the Download page of the PayGate website, the merchant can compile a CSV file containing the required data for all of the transactions that they would like processed. The merchant can then upload this file via the web interface to our credit card payment gateway. Once uploaded the transactions are processed as a batch to the merchant’s internet merchant account via the PayGate online payment gateway. Once processing is completed the merchant will be able to view the results of each transaction in the batch via the PayBatch interface. Separate batches can be uploaded for authorizations, settlements and refunds.

PayBatch batch credit card payment processing service offers a secure, reliable and cost effective way of billing a large number of customers’ credit cards via a single web interface. Mail order merchants have found this service to be very useful for processing weekly, monthly and even yearly credit card subscription payments from their customers. All batches are processed in real time to the merchant’s internet merchant account via our online payment gateway and the results are made available to the merchant in the PayBatch interface. We recommend this service to any merchant requiring batch credit card transaction processing for a large number of transactions as well as merchants requiring recurring credit card payment processing via a manual interface.

Date Posted: 2010-01-13
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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