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This post hopes to offer you some really useful tips for users requiring business management help. Take a moment to read through and find out how EasyPass assists business management students by using previous examples and feedback from students who have already successfully completed Business Management 1.

Business Management help EasyPass 

The advice below is particularly useful for users needing business management help who are attending lectures as well as those who are under taking self study due to work commitments.

We find that students who ask for business management help are ultimately better performers as they know all possible areas of each module because they took the time to ensure the course material was understood fully. So with that in mind, read on and remember all the help you need is found on the EasyPass website.

  • At the end of each week do the relevant chapter on the EasyPass site and see how much you know. Pay particular attention to the feedback given on the EasyPass site for each question – go back and look at each section and read it again as referred to in the EasyPass answers.
  • If you are struggling with some concepts or questions ask your lecturer to explain these again to you, chances are that if you don’t understand, many of the class probably don’t either.
  • Remember your lecturer is there to help you understand the concepts better, so use him/her. The lecturer will probably appreciate the fact that you have made an effort to understand the work.
  • If you are doing the questions each week and understanding the concepts this will make it much easier come exam time as you will be comfortable in the knowledge that you know the material.
  • Work smarter not harder! Use the EasyPass website to work consistently throughout the term by doing small amounts of work each week and testing yourself so that you know that you understand it before moving onto the next section.

If you are a student that is unfortunately not able to attend classes as you are working full-time, so you are trying to study all the work on your own.

  • Make sure that you are disciplined. Do a section or chapter of work each week as per your course pacer/calendar.
  • Read through the prescribed textbook and any other resources you have, such as a study guide.
  • If necessary make your own notes, or mind maps, diagrams etc. to help you understand the concepts better. Make a glossary of any words or concepts you don’t understand and look up their meaning either in the textbook or even use a dictionary.
  • When you think you have a good understanding of the chapter or section then go onto the EasyPass website and test your knowledge.
  • Here’s where EasyPass becomes vital for you, particularly considering you have had not had a lecturer guiding you. Whether you get the answers right or wrong, make sure you look at the feedback provided. Go to the relevant section and read it again. Remember the questions have been designed to help test the key concepts from each chapter.
  • Look into the possibility of interacting with other students via the EasyPass website or on Facebook etc., other students may be able to help you.
  • Lastly look out for any workshops just before the exams that you could attend that might help you to prepare better for the exams – possibly even an EasyPass workshop if you want it!

Use EasyPass to help you pass your exams easily. And once you do, let us know as we love hearing about our successful students.

Date Posted: 2011-06-21
Posted By: EasyPass
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