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EasyPass is designed to assist students who need help with studying Introduction to Business Management and revising and preparing for their exams online.  We are pleased to announce that the first book to be featured is Introduction to Business Management proudly published by Oxford University Press Southern Africa ISBN: 9780195766882.  It is a setwork book.for the following courses:  Business Management 1A, Business Management 1B, Business Management 102E, Business Management 101D, Business Management PPSM015, Business Management MNH304H, Business Management - HRMA1, Horticulture - HORT20.  The EasyPass site if there to help learners to derive maximum benefit from the book when studying Introduction to Business Management and to assist lecturers and institutions with supplementary information.

The EasyPass mission is to market and deliver the best online immediate feedback assessment service for South African tertiary students in selected core subjects and/or texts.  This will be achieved by utilising the latest interactive technology and identifying, selecting and contracting leading subject expert facilitators to develop a world class assessment and answer database. Students will thus be able to cost effectively test their understanding and application of subject material as well as effectively and efficiently prepare themselves to pass their exams.

EasyPass can easily and conveniently be used online from home, work or while you are on campus.  There are fun ways to learn . . including free
crossword for learners, a download page, free videos to help you understand the subject, a list of popular business sites and most importantly loads of questions and mock exams to help you teach your students or for learners to learn and pass easily.

The EasyPass Assessment Centre currently offers over 325 multiple choice revision and exam questions to help with studying Introduction to Business Management with immediate feedback for 22 Chapters on the following text book:  Du Toit, GS, Erasmus, BJ & Strydom, JW. 2007.  Introduction to Business Management. 7th Edition. Cape Town: Oxford University Press.

Date Posted: 2010-04-10
Posted By: EasyPass
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