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Introduction to Business Management 1 – Free Video Lessons


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1 March 2010


EasyPass Blog – Free Video Lessons page added to website for all students


Introduction to Business Management 1


As we progress throughout the academic year, EasyPass will highlight some of the more important concepts from the chapters in the text book: Du Toit, GS, Erasmus, BJ & Strydom, JW. 2007. Introduction to Business Management. 7th Edition.


EasyPass would like to inform you of a new addition to their website, namely the “free Video Lessons” web page. The Introduction to Business Management 1 – Free Video Lessons can be found at


EasyPass has surfed the net for you to put together some informative videos to assist you in your business studies. Some of the videos are directly related to your studies, while others will give you a deeper understanding of other important business concepts and help improve your overall knowledge of business management.


EasyPass hopes that students will have fun viewing these online video lessons and that students will learn more about the important concepts in all the various chapters.


For more assistance when revising and preparing for your exams, on other important concepts, make sure you sign up to EasyPass now and test yourself on all the questions on the various chapters to make sure you understand all the key concepts.


Why not subscribe to our free blog as well on so that you can stay up to date with all the latest news on EasyPass as well as more blogs on the different chapters from the textbook: Du Toit, GS, Erasmus, BJ & Strydom, JW. 2007. Introduction to Business Management. 7th Edition.


If you would like to tell your friends about EasyPass you can either e-mail them from your personal e-mail and send them the following link to our webpage – or you can go to the following page on our website and e-mail your friends from there.


Due to the large number of students that have registered for the free sample tests, EasyPass has decided to extend their current promotion. To view the latest EasyPass promotion, go to and see it online. To sign up to EasyPass follow the simple payment procedure on the page.


Kind regards


The EasyPass Team

Introduction to Business Management 1 – Free Video Lessons


Date Posted: 2010-03-04
Posted By: EasyPass
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