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If you don't know by now the benefit of understanding Microsoft Excel then its time you removed yourself from the rock you have been living under. This software program has been single-handedly running entire businesses for quite some time and without it, these companies using Excel would come to their knees.

By Scott Heron

This is why there is a lot of weight in taking external training courses to make sure your staff (or yourself) are able to understand Microsoft's spreadsheet program, that is why it is common for people to attend either a basic external training course or if indeed you are already knowledgeable, an advanced external training course

Businesses that are making sure their employees go on training courses is nothing new, nor is it anything to write home about. It is however, very important for the company to grow if it invests in its staff training.

That way when new technologies are released the company who invests in such things as external courses or online e-learning, will be the company that survives and expands.

It is important to note that with nearly 90% of business using Microsoft Windows, there will always be a large demand for people to understand the latest Microsoft technologies. And with Microsoft releasing a new version of its software nearly ever second week it seems, its always a good idea to keep your knowledge up to date so you can confidently continue to work at a high level.

With regards to Microsoft being the dominant force in offices around the country today, if you think of it, they really do have a lot of programs that we use in today's workplace. Programs such as Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint are just some of the many programs we use and require training for each update that gets released.

Microsoft Excel is normally the program that companies invest in the most as it has a rather steep learning curve to anyone with out spreadsheet experience. That is why it is important for beginners to attend a basic Excel training course so they have a helping hand and can grow in confidence to use the program in a real life environment.

To find out if an external training course is right for your employees, it can be a good idea to send out a questionnaire to the office floor to assess their knowledge level. The feedback you have from the survey will determine whether or not basic Excel training is right for you and your business.

If you are thinking of attending a software training course such as a basic Excel training class, visit IT Training Scotland for a free session and advice.

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For more information on doing Microsoft Excel training, browse through our range of Microsoft courses at Study IT Online.

Date Posted: 2010-12-14
Posted By: Study IT Online
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