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Are you interested in personal transformation of your management team through effective public speakingThe Training Corporation has been running Public Speaking Courses for over 20 years for management and staff of most corporates in Southern Africa. Public speaking is an essential skill that can improve the effectiveness of management communication and is essential management training for getting exceptional bottom line results.

Public Speaking Courses 

It is said that most people fear speaking in public more than death. Usually, this is basically fear of failure, which is closely linked to fear of rejection. We have seen it in our public speaking courses. While failure and rejection are real, the fear of it is a condition of the mind.

Understanding fear is an essential part of overcoming it. Fear creates discomfort and intensifies in workplaces with hostile environments and bosses and managers who threaten, intimidate and ridicule. Here are five typical reactions to rejection or failure which we help overcome in our Public Speaking Courses:

  1. Curse it (which achieves nothing).
  2. Deny it (a nice way of saying lie about it).
  3. Avoid it (which just allows it to fester).
  4. Make excuses (which solves nothing).
  5. Blame others (the easiest thing to do).
  6. Quit.

Failure actually only occurs when you decide to quit. You choose your results. Here are a few simple things which we cover in The Training Corporation's public speaking courses to help prevent you getting to the "quit" stage:

  • Look at a failure as an event or as a result.
  • Look for the why, and find the solution (If you look at "no" hard enough, it will lead you to "yes").
  • List possible opportunities which have arisen as a result of this "event".
  • Ask yourself what you have learned from it, and try again.
  • Don’t mope around with other "failures" - go find a successful person, and hang around him/her.
Come and experience this for yourself on our public speaking courses presented by Collin Jennings who trains and coaches blue chip corporates, sports professionals and individuals. Dynamic Presentations is a division of The Training Corporation of South Africa  Other courses include Leadership and Development, Interpersonal Skills, Transformational Coaching and Body and Mind practices.

Contact The Training Corporation to overcome the fear of public speaking and improve your company as a whole.

Date Posted: 2011-07-28
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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