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Leadership and Interpersonal Skills for Middle Management


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It is crucial for middle management to hone their leadership and interpersonal skills to take the pressure off top management. A more effective middle management team can make a huge difference to the performance of the company as a whole, to their stress levels and to top management results. So, if you are keen to hone leadership and interpersonal skills for middle management within your organization then read on.

Leadership and interpersonal skills for middle management

It is so simple to transform a middle management team via the Training Corporation's Leadership and Interpersonal Skills for Middle Management course. It has been done fo many corporates with great success. The ability to lead and get on with each other is usually not a characteristic of middle management. They have usually arrived in this position due to a functional skill of theirs.

The Training Corporation has created Leadership and Interpersonal Skills for Middle Management to get the team on the same map in terms of leadership and interpersonal skills then put your middle management into a room with one of the most effective training companies in the country.

Amazing transformation of middle management has taken place in these two day workshops. Lighten your load and become more affective as an executive manager by empowering your middle management team. Helping them to believe in themselves and increasing their confidence levels to make better decisions in tandem with each other. Significantly increasing their productivity through better leadership and how they relate to each other.

The Training Corporation Leadership and Interpersonal Skills for Middle Management course covers the following:

  • Creating New Growth Curves
  • Managing Thought Processes
  • Attitude
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Stress Management

We need at least 12 delegates from your company ideally to make it most effective for enhancing the leadership and interpersonal skills for your middle management.

Kindly ensure you take action and register early as our courses are popular and are booked in advance!

Date Posted: 2011-07-20
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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