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Organisations often promote employees into supervisory positions, without offering them the essential and neccesary supervisor training, assuming that they will know what to do in their new role. Often the new supervisor is simply appointed by memo and provided with the badges of office and expected to get on with it, without any thought of proper supervisor training.

In some situations they are lucky they swim rather than sink, as they have managed to work out that their role is to achieve their department or sections goal through the efforts and application of their team. Even when this is the case, the new role of supervisor is seldom fulfilled to the full potential and effective supervison only comes after a timely trial and error period.

Some companies do send supervisors on “5-Day Wonder” training programme, where they are force fed supervisory theory, but never get the time to absorb the theory nor the encouragement to apply it in their work environment. An effective supervisor needs to incorporate the company Vision, Mission and Values in order to provide the results that supervisor was appointed to achieve.

The Training Corporation has developed a simple creed applied in our supervisor training course to assist new supervisors to make the paradigm shift from “doing the work themselves to “achieving planned goals through others”.

Supervisor Training The Training Corporation 

This Creed is used as the backbone of supervisory development and supervisor training programmes we run. The Training Corporation supervisor training programmes provides line managers, supervisors and trainers with a guide to what the job of a supervisor is about, as well as a simple set of ideas or tools to assist new supervisors to come to grips with their role.

The Creed is designed as a reminder and an exploration of the supervisory role in organisations today.

The Creed

  • Utilizes Henri Fayol’s Classical model – planning, organizing, leading, and controlling as its skeleton,
  • Emphasizes “getting results through teams”,
  • Focuses on outcomes by using “so that”,
  • Suggests the key actions needed for supervisory success,
  • Provides the supervisors manager with a logical script or checklist to brief the new supervisor about their “job”,
  • Incorporates the organisations Vision, Mission and Values,
  • Includes motivation and performance management,
  • Promotes discipline and fairness, and
  • Encourages harmony, and the building of employee self esteem.

For a copy of the Supervisors Creed, contact Leslie at The Training Corporation and she will e-mail you a version along with details of our exciting range of Supervisory Training Programmes. Supervisor Training is essential for good results.

Date Posted: 2011-06-29
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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