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Effective Speaking for Middle Management


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Effective Speaking for Middle Management

The most important thing about Effective Speaking for Middle Management is that your middle management team are usually there because the came up through the ranks.  Often progress as because of their functional capability as opposed to their natural flair for leading and managing people.  They also tend to come from different disciplines in different parts of the company and so the cohesion and working together is usually a challenge.  The Effective Speaking for Middle Management is the way to firstly transform them personally and secondly get them working together effectively.

Middle management need to respect and understand each other better.  With this transformation comes a natural ability to pursue and deliver on targets and goals in the company.  This makes top management's role so much easier and the empowerment of the middle management team gives them the tools to get on with their level of delivery, allowing top management the time and freedom to pursue higher levels of performance and shareholder returns.

It is impossible to make a significant shift in middle management performance and functioning without taking them out of their workplace and putting them through a transformation program.  Effective Speaking for Middle Management has done this shift for thousands of people in leading corporates in Southern Africa.  Effective Speaking for Middle Management is not a simple one way training session.    The middle management will experience an deep down change in the way they see themselves and engage with others.

So if you are serious about your performance and the effectiveness of your middle management team, then contact us for more about the the Effective Speaking for Middle Management training course.  You can benefit from the experience gained from The Training Corporation and more specifically Collin Jennings, learned from 30 years of coaching and working with South African middle management.  Effective Speaking for Middle Management is meant for the whole management team and not individuals.  Managing a company is about good teams, not individuals.

A minimum of twelve people are required for Effective Speaking for Middle Management.  The course can be run in-house or off-site anywhere in the country.  Book now for Effective Speaking for Middle Management and change your life and the life of your supervisors forever.  Training has been done for many South African corporates including MNet, Coca-Cola, Spar Group, Sappi, Rand Merchant Bank, Standard Bank, Subaru SA and many others.  Other company training courses include Leadership Development, Sales Mastery, Interpersonal Skills, Transformational Coaching and Body and Mind practices.

Date Posted: 2011-02-04
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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