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Manager and Supervisor Effective Presentations and Effective Speaking Training Courses


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My dad passed away the other day and i decided to make a speech at our celebration of his life.  My sisters and most people thought I would never be able to do it based on my past speeches at 21sts etc.  I also wasn't sure whether I would pull it off and cry in the middle of it.

I joined the management team on the Effective Presentations, Effective Speaking Training Course for Public speaking recently and hadn't made a speech since.  Using a few of the simple preparation procedures I put a few pertinent points together.  I remembered a few of the pointers that Collin taught the management and supervisor team.  Preparation was a breeze.  Nice and simple . . I had a short, medium and long speech just in case I had a breakdown . .

On the day (armed with a glass or two of Villiera's best red wine) I stood up bravely in front of a few hundred family, friends and guests.  I effortlessly remembered a few of the important things I learned on the Dynamic Presentations, Effective Presentations and Effective Speaking Training Course . . Breathe!  Pause. Look to each corner of the room.  Hold eye contact for two seconds.  Talk sloooowly! 

I had nothing to worry about.  The most important thing the course taught me.. . actually it didn't teach it to me . . I got it! I felt 100% comfortable in my skin . . I was relaxed, confident and comfortable . . I got through the short version of my talk . . no problem . . the second part went well too . . so I thought what the hell  . . why not quit when you on top.  I decided to leave it at that.  Short and impactful.  It was so awesome to be comfortable doing the talk about my Dad . . instead of worrying about my speech the whole week and not being able to deliver. 

Thank you to Collin and his team for uncovering my potential in this area.  Once you got it, you've got it for life.  Being able to make effective presentations and public speaking as a result of attending the Effective Speaking Training Courses is one of the most useful skills I have learned to date. 

The simple 2 day per session effective presentations interventions make managing of people an easy task for top management.  The end result is that the people have no problem speaking in public, they are more comfortable with themselves, they get on better with people, they are less stressed and they manage people better.

Effective presentations is not for individuals, but is a company wide intervention that will transform the confidence and capability levels of any personnel.   This will enhance the level of performance of your people and make them comfortable in being themselves and telling or selling a concept to others.  Apparently once a team goes through the Dynamic Presentations course and becomes accomplished in Effective Presentations, they will recommend that the whole organisation systematically enjoys the course and the benefits.

A minimum of twelve people are required and the course can be run in-house or off-site anywhere in the country.  So enquire now for the one of the presentation skills training courses or effective speaking training courses and change your life and the life of your supervisors forever.  This presentation skills training and effective speaking training has been done for many South African corporates including Mnet, Coca-Cola, Spar Group, Sappi, Rand Merchant Bank, Standard Bank, Subaru SA and many others.  Other company training courses include leadership Development, Sales Mastery, Interpersonal Skills, Transformational Coaching and Body and Mind practices.

Date Posted: 2010-10-18
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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