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It is so essential for effective performance of a company that the people in customer facing and supervisory and management positions attend effective speaking training courses.  Effective speaking is not just public speaking.  It is about having the confidence to communicate effectively and genuinely in a way that is being clearly understood by the receiver.

I think most people believe that public speaking is about a technique  . . you just layer that over your terrified disposition, imagine the audience with no clothes on and everything will be fine.  Not true.  Effective presentations, public speaking, effective speaking is about being comfortable being yourself and being genuine in your communication with others.

When you realise that you are comfortable and happy being yourself, then you will do effective presentations.  Now I bet you think well how is that possible.  No way.  This is mumbo jumbo padding to puff up the course sale.

Well, I am telling you that it's true.  This Dynamic Presentations Effective Speaking course, sometimes called Effective Presentations will change your management team forever. It is for companies who want to transform their people into genuine contributors to the growth of the company, themselves, and the bottom line.

For just two days of your team's time, Effective Presentations will change the dynamic of your team forever.  They will feel empowered, they will be effective, they will be good at presenting, feel comfortable in meetings, become more confident, and become meaningful contributors to your success and the success of your firm.

Effective presentations is not for individuals, but is a company wide intervention that will transform the confidence and capability levels of any personnel.   This will enhance the level of performance of your people and make them comfortable in being themselves and telling or selling a concept to others.  Apparently once a team goes through the Dynamic Presentations course and becomes accomplished in Effective Presentations, they will recommend that the whole organisation systematically enjoys the course and the benefits.

A minimum of twelve people are required and the course can be run in-house or off-site anywhere in the country.  So enquire now for the one of the presentation skills training courses or effective speaking training courses and change your life and the life of your supervisors forever.  This presentation skills training and effective speaking training has been done for many South African corporates including Mnet, Coca-Cola, Spar Group, Sappi, Rand Merchant Bank, Standard Bank, Subaru SA and many others.  Other company training courses include leadership Development, Sales Mastery, Interpersonal Skills, Transformational Coaching and Body and Mind practices.

Date Posted: 2010-09-20
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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