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Effective Speaking Training (Public Speaking Training)

If you are looking for a tried and tested effective speaking training course or public speaking training course, here is a tried and tested one used by many individuals, entrepreneurs and corporates and solid references testifying to its success can be provided.

The Training Corporation in association with Jennings and Associates present an Effective Speaking programme for people in all industries who communicate regularly with others, for instance in the form of meetings, presentations, interviews, sales  calls, or conveying corporate policy to the public.  An intensive two-day learning experience, it arose from the awareness of a serious need for communication skills in companies.  Being able to communicate properly ensures that as a company, or group, you will be heard in the market place.  Effective Speaking has been presented by Collin and his team since 1988.  It is accredited with the Services Seta:  NQF Level 4 with 5 credits.

It is a known fact that 87% of people fear public speaking more than death.  Yet, a natural speaking style is your most powerful communications tool, and the Effective Speaking programme provides you with the necessary assurance and method to enable you to organise concepts for a presentation – even at short notice.

Class size is limited to ten participants, to ensure maximum individual attention.  Private counselling is also utilised in order for you to discover and cultivate your own natural speaking style.

Effective Speaking is a highly participatory, enjoyable and fun course.  It incorporates a  combination of features found in no other communications training programme:

Four to six video tape presentations by each participant
Private coaching sessions
Training on how to establish and sustain effective eye communication
Mastering the use of gestures, posture and movement to make a smoother, more confident presentation.
Eliminating the use of empty filler sounds (the “errs” and “umms” from communication efforts.)
Making dress and appearance a harmonious part of a total communications impact.
Incorporating humour appropriately, with confidence
Using the Grid System, a tool to help organise concepts for presentations, even at short notice
Impromptu speaking.
The correct use of visual aids, i.e. slides, overhead projectors, laptops, etc.
Handling of questions and answers.

This intensive, interactive programme will give you the skills you need to make an impact on any audience, whether that audience is one person or one thousand.

A DVD cassette of your progress is provided. Courses are presented on a National basis.

Course Content

Day One
Module one:  Delivery Techniques
Introduction and discussion on powerful/ poor speakers
Delivery Techniques: Examples of techniques discussed are:

Dress and Appearance
Body Language/ posture/ movement
Eye Contact
Audience Involvement
Vocabulary and Humour
Eliminating “non-words”

Two stand-up presentations which are video-taped are completed before Lunch.

Personal one on one coaching
Coaching is conducted with each individual whilst viewing video-taped talks during the lunch hour.  Delegates then go straight into another stand up video-taped talk straight after lunch before starting the next module which is:           

Module 2:  The Development of your presentation

Delegates are now taught how to put together powerful content which will be convincing, interesting and relevant. They are also taught how to speak without notes and stay in control by making use of:
The Grid System
Preparation pointers
The 7 secrets to a memorable presentation

Delegates will be requested to prepare a presentation overnight.

Day Two
The morning starts with a viewing of some of the world’s top speakers. Delegates give feedback on techniques (good and bad) employed by these speakers and how these impact on the actual presentation.

Another stand up videotaped presentation during which delegates are coached is now completed before the next module.

Module 3:  Owning the Territory
How to hold peoples attention and deal with distractions during meetings
Auditorium, stage and large presentations – do’s and don’ts
Delivering Your Presentation with Visual Aids (Flip chart, Whiteboard or power point)
How to use props to maximum effect

Another stand up videotaped presentation before learning and practising the art of:

Module 4:  Question and Answer Techniques
Learning how to efficiently manage question and answer sessions no matter how hostile the group may be. Delegates physically take questions from the group and are coached in using the correct techniques before lunch.
Module 5:  The Final Presentation
All the techniques acquired over the past two days are now put to the test in a final presentation.  
A take home DVD is presented to all the delegates upon completion which contains all the videotaped presentations.

We have the best and most personalised effective speaking training course and public speaking training course for individuals, entrepreneurs and corporates in Southern Africa.  Effective speaking training and public speaking training is an essential skill.  Minimum of 8 delegates required.  Email us now.

Date Posted: 2009-11-12
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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