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Management Training as a Factor for Career Path Management


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Management training, management development and leadership training and team management is an essential part of Career path management - a planned, logical progression of jobs within one or more professions throughout a person's working life. A career path can be planned with great assurance in stable market conditions where change is manageable, but in times of uncertainty -- like we are experiencing across the globe at present -- a planned career path is a luxury few can afford.

In order to maintain employability, employees and management should look at supplementing their existing skills or acquiring new skills through lifelong learning. South Africa is experiencing a skills crisis at present which can easily be changed through more effective training in interpersonal skills, public speaking, effective presentation skills and communication skills.

The skills shortage reaches across the boundaries of public and private sectors and even into the informal sector where single skilled individuals find their own way to enter the economic market place.

People who enter jobs and then find themselves unable to cope can turn to continuing education to equip them to move up the career ladder with management training, management development, leadership training, or more specific competencies such as interpersonal skills, public speaking, presentation skills and communication skills or even enter a completely new career without the impediment that a lack of knowledge or skills brings.

Career path management lies at the basis of coping with new challenges. By investing time and resources in continuing education the skills gap can be breached. Short courses, year courses and company-specific training are ways of transcending the after-hours degree slog, and are specifically aimed to fill gaps by offering practical and career-orientated training that is a valuable addition to basic secondary and tertiary education.

It is a big advantage that the Training Corporation can customise training products to meet the insufficiencies in the workplace. Continuing education has become a guaranteed method of enhancing productivity, providing customer service excellence, empowering employees and addressing ongoing skills shortages in various industries. Our thanks to www.thetimes for content for the basis of this article from Career path management is a must in turbulent times.

Well trained people are more motivated and positive creating energy in a company that drives the human resources aspect of doing a day's work -- competent staff members are happier and fewer complaints arise since the overall stress levels are diminished through more effective training.Dynamic Presentations is a Division of The Training Corporation of South Africa and can provide effective management communication, leadership and team management courses in

1. Leadership & Management
2. Presentation Skills-Effective Speaking
3. Interpersonal Skills & Team Management

Click the Contact buttons above for more information - top corporates have used and adopted Dynamic Presentations training courses. references from South African top management and corporates are available on request.

Public speaking is an essential skill that can improve the effectiveness of management communication and is essential management training for getting results. Leadership and management skills and interpersonal skills and team management, produce exceptional bottom line results for businesses interested in improving their management training.

Date Posted: 2009-07-10
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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