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Management Training: Hold onto your staff by Training them


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A great article in The Times last week shows you how educating and training your staff is key to holding onto them and enjoying the benefits of their improvement. "Today’s corporate environment, with valuable skills at a premium and lucrative postings elsewhere often available for those with the required expertise, employees are seeking a more meaningful and interactive relationship with employers — and one which recognises and values their talents." This has been the experience of The Training Corporation where it is essential that developing managers is done from a functional perspective to provide managers with the language and technical competencies to understand and bring together the various disciplines to maximum effect underpinned with coaching to support and entrench learning.

"The most important factors to graduates were achieving a good work-life balance, and employability in terms of developing knowledge and skills that are marketable within and beyond their current employment." For The Training Corporation, the emphasis is about "Building the manager as a brand". By developing the unique competencies of managers to become their own unique brand, management is more motivated and tend to unlock management potential for the benefit of the company.

"Johan Wasserfall, CEO of educational financial services provider Eduloan, said companies needed to invest in the training of their staff." “The more people are learning , the less likely they are to look at greener pastures. Instead of seeing competent people leaving the company, taking efficiency and profits with them, you can invest in improving their skill levels.

“The benefits are obvious. Firstly, the people are already there and don’t need to be shipped in. Accordingly, their key strengths, weaknesses and areas of skill have already been ascertained, and with a bit of resourcefulness one can place then in a position that they are perfectly suited to.”

Thank you to The Times and author David Jackson for these valuable insights

The Training Corporation is known for providing management development programmes for SME training and corporate training. A good place to start for developing managers is Effective Presentations which gives developing managers the confidence in Public Speaking and with their Communication Skills for motivating and directing their teams.

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Date Posted: 2009-03-03
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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