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Just How Important is Public Speaking for Your Credibility, Influence and Leadership Profile. Ask Obama!


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This is one of the most informative articles showing just how important public speaking is for one's credibility, influence and leadership profile.  Recently published on by Les Carlyon, the abridged article below draws a stark contrast between Bush and Obama's public image, the success of which is directly linked to their public speaking abilities.  Clive James said a few years ago that when Bush searched for a word "He felt fear and his face showed it".  When he found one he felt triumph and his face showed that too. "Almost always, the word he finds is the wrong one, but his look of relief arouses sympathy in the audience, as when a child, sent to fetch a spoon from the kitchen drawer, comes back with a fork."Words baffled Bush.  They jumped out and ambushed him.  Bush seemed forever puzzled that people could be so prissy about something as trifling as language.  He had no rhythm.  His delivery reminded you of the kid forced to read his essay to the lass: no pauses or scherzos, lots of concentration but no joy.Folksiness came naturally to Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.  When Bush tried it, he seemed corny.  Machismo came naturally to Churchill.  When Bush tried it, he sounded like an extra in a Chuck Norris film.  Words held no magic.   They were just things to be got rid of quickly so that everyone would stop looking at you.Yet history's final charge against Bush may not be that he veered too far to the right, or that he was an ogre, which he certainly wasn't.More likely it will be that he was lazy.  Too lazy to . . think what he might say if he were asked a certain question.  Too lazy to work a problem through.   Too lazy to keep rewriting a speech until the words sat just right.Paul Keating was reported last weekend as saying that if he had to describe Obama in one word, that word would be poise.   This was just about perfect.  Obama always looks comfortable, even if he's not.   He's not going to be diverted or flustered.  He knows what he wants to say.  He likes the music of words.   He knows about nuances.He has come close these last few months to being proof of Kipling's claim that "Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind".  In his inaugural address, carefully crafted, every word counted and had precise meaning.  Thinking about the importance of style and tone . . .

These are all things that you can master.   Don't beat around the Bush - Contact Us now to join the Obama camp.  In just two days of Effective Speaking, you can make one of the most significant success and leadership moves in your life.

We specialise in Presentation Skills, Management Development, Motivational speakers and speaking, Manager Motivation, Team building for managers and their teams

Date Posted: 2009-02-11
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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