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Build Brand Presence with Printed Shadenet


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If you are looking for a new way to build your brand presence then look no further than printed shadenet for company marketing. Durable, versatile, and cost-effective, printed shadenet for marketing is not just being used in the construction industry anymore, but has become popular at almost any outdoor event where a large enough amount of people are there to be exposed to it. Printed shadenet could be the difference between you and your competitors in 2013.

As with any form of visual communication brand identity is important for success. Creating a uniform look that links all your platforms or locations together gives consumers a sense of recognition and thus trust. Matching of colours, logos and general design also makes your brand identity seem professional and navigable. Often the first place consumers will see your brand is on your website, so if you have a website then let it be the base from which you take your design cues for your shade cloth and other brand design.

Build Brand Presence with Printed Shadenet
The two main factors why Printed Shadenet Solutions print onto HDPE cloth instead of PVC (which was always the standard) is because of its durability factor as well as price. When displaying outside, the cloth is highly affected by wind and by sun. The strength of HDPE cannot be matched by PVC, but it was almost impossible to print on to because of its oily nature. Printed Shadenet Solutions however found a special pigment solution which makes printing onto HDPE possible. The second factor of price is quite obvious; why pay more when you can pay less for a more robust product?

Visit the Printed Shadenet Solutions website or email them to inquire about the wide range of possibilities that printed shadenet has to offer your brand. Packed with printed shadenet information, examples of previous work, as well as contact and order details, the Printed Shadenet Solutions website is your next step towards greater brand exposure for your company.

Date Posted: 2013-04-24
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Advertising, Building and construction,

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