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WBHO Construction Shadenet Branding


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Shadenet Solutions are proud to be doing WBHO construction shadenet branding. Printed Shadenet Solutions supply shadenet advertising for their site perimeter branding onto to shade cloth. They chose to go with the very professional and clear-to-see shade-netting from Shadenet Solutions in order to take advantage of an onsite branding opportunity.  WBHO construction shadenet branding is supplied to construction sites around the country.

WBHO Construction Shadenet Branding  

The main factors which contributed to WHBO choosing shadenet branding from Shadenet Solutions is because of its high visibility, especially in areas where there is a lot of motor vehicle and pedestrians traffic, the other reason being its low cost. Being a construction company they are always out in the open where there is large number of people who can see their sites.

The low-cost nature of shadenetting, as well as the fact that companies are using free advertising space means that they can optimize branding and advertising opportunities to create brand awareness in all the areas they are working.

Itís not only WBHO who are choosing shade netting for their on-site branding; Murray and Roberts, Aveng Grinaker-LTA, NMC, GVK, Basil Read and others have all seen how cost-effective Shadenet Solutionsí netting is. And now, because of its wide spread popularity Shadenet solutions, along with these construction companies, have begun to agree on certain specifications that can be used for all construction sites, in order to make ordering and supply easier, faster and cheaper.

The reason shadenetting is so popular for construction sites is its durability; it doesnít tear, fade or get damaged easily in extreme weather conditions. And because of its size and ability to repeat the desired logo or text awareness of the brand is almost guaranteed.

If you are looking for something similar to WBHO construction shadenet branding for your construction site Shadenet Solutions will work with you to produce a specification that suits your needs and can be duplicated and distributed throughout the country. Visit for more information or to order.

Date Posted: 2011-11-18
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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