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Shade cloth is the most durable and flexible outdoor substrate for branding at construction sites and events - both indoor and outdoor. The knitted HDPE shade cloth is forgiving, doesn't tear easily and wraps to almost any form. Manufacturing shade cloth is a tricky procedure, starting with the masterbatch HDPE beads which are melted and extruded into filament and tape.

Shade Cloth - Shade Solutions 

The knitting machines then knit the HDPE filament and tape into shade cloth as we see it today. The more tape the more shade. This affects the density of the shade cloth which determines the ideal use and application. With a less dense shade cloth, the weight is less, the use of raw material is less and so it costs less. Shade cloth can be tailormade to suit it’s intended use.

So it is a little like a soft serve ice-cream where the more air you can pump into it, the nicer it is. With shade cloth, the less dense, the easier it is to transport and the less raw material is used which brings down the cost of the shade cloth. Construction sites usually  use 80% and lower density, because it is mainly used as a perimeter barrier and to stop things from falling on people. The event industry is fussier when it comes to shade cloth because it requires the material to be opaque and needs a nice clean, flat surface for printing on.

Branding of shade cloth on construction sites and on construction buildings is normally seen from a distance whereas event shade cloth can often be viewed quite close up – hence the attention to detail. Shade cloth is the ideal substrate for construction and event barriers and branding.  Shade cloth branding is ideally done in long runs and this lowers the overall cost. It covers a variety of needs – necessary and superficial.

The shade cloth is available in standard colours, widths and densities and for minimum runs of 2,000m can be custom manufactured to each projects specification. For example canary yellow shade cloth, 1.8m wide, with eyelets along the edges top and bottom and then if you want to, any amount of it can be branded with the construction company or event logos.

Construction sites have used shade cloth for many years and have recently seen the potential in branding what is a necessity item. The event industry have also cottoned on to the potential of this durable and versatile material. Shade ports at corporate head quarters are no longer a dull and boring vista of green shade cloth but emblazoned with the corporate logo on the corporate colour even.

Contact Shade Solutions to see how printed shade cloth will transform the necessary shadecloth into yet another platform to get your brand noticed.

Date Posted: 2011-07-04
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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