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Guidelines for Shadenet Printing


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Shadenet Printing

If you are a power user of shadenet at events or construction sites, or for shadeports, here are some guidelines for shadenet printing

Ideal shadenet density 80% upwards
We can print shadenet from 80% upwards.   Most of our construction shadenet printing is 80% and events usually go for 90%.

Minimum number of prints 5
Because we are screenprinting with Shadenet Ink, there are one-off origination and screen costs so always recommend to clients a minimum of 5 prints to keep the price reasonable.  Less prints is in our experience not viable.

Print size 1.5m
We can print up to 2m wide . . and the most popular print size width is 1.5m.  As most logos are "longer" than "taller" we do the logo 1.5m wide, by corresponding height for the logo

Order times
Depending on how busy we are, after receiving the deposit and signed off artwork, it takes about 3 weeks to complete a small order of say 20 logos and please allow up to two months for us to schedule and complete a large order of for example 400 logos

Artwork needs to be vector-based
Artwork is always a challenge - we need vector-based artwork from your client - this means that it can be enlarged to whatever size we want without becoming fuzzy.  We can liaise with your client on this to make sure we get the right artwork.

Number of colours
The simpler the better.  The less colours the more clearly it stands out, the quicker the production and the cheaper it is.  Because we are screenprinting using Shadenet Ink, more colours means more screens and more coats which takes more time and costs more money.  Recommend to your client to keep it simple - one colour is everybody's favourite and can be seen clearly from a distance.

Shadeport printing
We can only print new nets, and best is to make them up and send them to us for printing.

Perimeter fencebranding
We print 50m rolls and ideal size of logo is 1.5m wide and for most clients we print 10 logos on a 50m roll. 

Fence panel printing
These are really neat and fit the temporary event fence panels or temporary construction panels and we do one print per panel.  One colour, one print is ideal and looks great.

Sideskirt printing
Printing sideskirts for existing shadeports is an inexpensive and easy option for you to make some extra money and get the clients brand out there.


Date Posted: 2011-04-28
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Advertising, Building and construction,

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