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Haw and Inglis Construction Shadenet Branding


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Haw and Inglis Construction Shadenet Branding

Haw and Inglis construction shadenet branding lead the way for branding on construction shadenet in the Cape.  Haw and Inglis and Grinaker-LTA construction companies were the first construction companies to realise the benefit of using their construction sites to get free brand awareness and make use of high traffic positions.

Construction marketing is about making sure your target market are ware of you, trust you and see you as professional and adding value through quality execution or existing work.  There are few industries where this visible quality of work is more if a driver than in the construction industry.

Successful construction companies like Grinaker-LTA, Haw and Inglis, Gordon Verhoef and Krause (GVK), NMC, Stefanutti Stocks and Basil Read have learned how to use their custom colour shadenet and in some cases branding to enhance the professional image and quality feel of their sites under construction.

When a bid reaches the decisionmakers it is imperative that the company already has a high profile and trusted and visible name out there.  You can win bids on price alone, but usually a low price is equated with poor quality.  Strangely enough a high price is considered a good thing and so should it be.  If the construction company is making good profits and is well managed then the quality and service benefits flow back to their target market.

BUT it is imperative that the quality pricing is supported with quality image and execution.  Haw and Inglis construction shadenet branding started the trend . . and now " It is so nice to see the for example the NMC construction sites neatly wrapped in their fence height orange colours, the GVK sites look so much better with the neat and tidy professional looking burgundy shadenet, and the Grinaker-LTA sites wrapped in their grass green shadenet with their logo and Home Without Harm and Going Green branding."

Winning bids is about looking good beforehand. Haw and Inglis construction shadenet branding started something big.   As NMC says "building trust"  . . so look good, save money, erect with ease now with your own custom company colour fence height shadenet distributed countrywide and building your brand and pride in your people and communities.

Date Posted: 2011-04-18
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Advertising, Building and construction,

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