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Construction advertising for the big boys is a tricky one.  I would say that construction advertising is actually a backup and supplementary activity to construction marketing.  Big glossy ads in magazines and loud billboards on the highways are good for brand awareness, but construction is more about quality delivery to a very niched target market. 

My advice would be to clearly understand your target market, their needs,how you are perceived by them and how you would like to be perceived by them.  Trust in delivering quality at a competitive price is probably the most important and top of mind elements for consideration by your target market when making a choice.  How does one convey these to your target market most effectively.

I can assure you that advertising is not your most effective way.  Consistent quality delivery, word of mouth and your reputation are likely to be your most valuable assets.  Everything else is reinforcement.  You obviously have to make sure you are invited to bid in the first place, but this has no bearing on whether you will get the job or not.   Make sure you know who is putting out jobs and make sure they know about you and have you on their bid list.  You can't win the lottery if you don't have a ticket.

Now you have a ticket, how do you make sure you are the lead candidate.  Lets start backwards . . yes, you need to get your pricing right . . you need to be in the ballpark from a pricing point of view . . that you are realistically close to the other tenderers . . definitely not cheap and preferably looking on the high side, so you know you can make a good profit (cause that's the point of business) and so that you can afford to do a good job, and finally because people who pay a higher price believe they are getting a quality product.
Construction Advertising
OK, so how do you make sure you are the chosen one.  Well, your favour didn't start at the opening of the bids.  Your reputation starts well before that . . you need to work on your target market well before the job was even conceptualised.  Make sure you know who the decision makers are, make sure that you get to meet with them, that they know who you are.  That they have shaken your hand!  Looked you in the eye.  That you are someone they can trust.  Share with them who you are and what your company stands for  . . ask them what is important to them.  Then feed back to them how your company can give them what they want. 

Well, sorry we didn't get to the "construction advertising" part yet, but it IS important.  You can't get around to everyone, so clever construction advertising can do this for you . . well, more next week . . in the meantime making your sites look good and professional with branded shadenet is a good start and free construction advertising for you, by using your construction site perimeters and scaffolding. 

Date Posted: 2011-04-15
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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