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Coca Cola Shade Cloth Branding


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Outdoor branding is an essential element of any worldwide brand.  Coca Cola shade cloth branding at Newlands cricket is one of the examples of how effective outdoor branding can leverage coverage to millions of spectators and TV-viewers.  The Coca Cola shade cloth branding at Newlands cricket is functional and effective in terms of brand awareness.
Coca Cola Shade Cloth Branding

Another functional and effective way to deploy shade cloth branding is via perimeter temporary event fencing.  As with the Coca Cola shade cloth branding done for the structures at Newlands was done, so can shade cloth be manufactured to the corporate pantone colour match and printed with simple and one colour logos every 5 metres for ideal viewing from a distance.

When it come to outdoor shade cloth branding it is essential to choose your target market carefully, make sure the size of the branding is clearly visible from a distance, like the Coca Cola shade cloth branding.  The logo needs to be large format.

Another important element is that it is durable for outdoor use so that it can withstand any weather conditions.  Wind resistance is an important factor.  fro example the recent Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour, the largest event of its kind in the world had one of its most perfect weather conditions this year, yet the branding on the bridges for example on the M3 were torn and blowing in the wind instead of durably and proudly displaying the brand throughout the event and after.

Coca Cola Shade Cloth Branding
Other ways to get good brand exposure similar to the Coca Cola shade cloth branding can be very effective.  Tower wraps, scaffolding cladding can all be done very effectively using shade cloth branding.  The shade cloth can be screenprinted on spraypainted depending on the volume and scale required.

The bottom line is that it is important to choose the right material/substrate for your branding to ensure that it is easy to rig, looks good stretched over the structure, it can handle extreme weather conditions, it doesn't tear easily or rot in storage, and it is lightweight and easy to transport . . all of this meaning that you can reuse something like the Coca Cola shade cloth branding for years.  To order for your company products similar to the Coca Cola shade cloth branding, contact Printed Shadecloth Solutions.

Date Posted: 2011-04-12
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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