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Shadenet is manufactured from tiny balls (masterbatch) of high density polyethylene, commonly known as HDPE.  The HDPE balls are melted down to a liquid and then extruded into filament and tape.  The filament and tape are then knitted together to form what we know as shadenet or shade cloth.

The tiny balls of high density polyethylene can be made in any colour which will determine the colour of the filament and tape used in the shadenet.  Colours of tape and filament can be combined to form a different colour of shadenet.  For example, black filament can be knitted with red to give it a darker shade.

The more tape that is used, the higher the shade factor of the shadenet.  Knitting shadenet with filament only creates a more dense product so best is to use a combination of the two to give the flexibility and shade cover at least cost.

The weight of the shadenet is important too and particularly from a cost perspective.  The heavier the shadenet, the more HDPE is used and therefore the more expensive.  Shadenet is a unique substrate that has excellent elasticity and memory.  The extruded filament actually becomes stronger as it stretches and shadenet will stretch, but return to it's original shape.

Because shadenet is knitted rather than woven, it is very flexible and forgiving, which makes it perfect for use on structure and stretching along perimeter fencing.  It doesn't sag and crease under tension.  In fact shadenet looks best under tension.  Shadenet can be manufactured to suit a variety of conditions depending on the required use.

It is important to decide the density, colour and width of the shadenet to suit your requirements.  Density affects cost wind resistance and shade factor.  Colour can be chosen to match your corporate image.  And width of shadenet can be chosen to suit your application.  Events like 1.5m width, construction perimeter fencing is ideal at 1.8m, and agriculture want max coverage between fixings so 3m or 6m is ideal.

So if you are looking for bulk shadenet or printed shadenet then contact Shadenet Solutions now.  The know all about shadenet.

Date Posted: 2011-04-04
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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