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Large Scale Outdoor Event Branding With Shade Cloth is a Breeze


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Large scale outdoor event branding is a breeze using continuous step-and-repeat shade cloth branding.  To cover large areas with horizontal branding or fence branding is easy with printed shade cloth.   It is imperative that your brand stands out amongst the crowd when it comes to outdoor event branding.

Feather banners, pop-ups and the like are very convenient and everyone is doing it these days.  But convenience doesn't make you bucks.  In your face, repeated exposure and memorable pay-off lines are what creates awareness, action and conversion.    No point in just having a flurry of logos . . yes- that's awareness, but we need to make bucks. 

Your company needs to stand for something.    What is the unique and compelling proposition that you bring?  What do you want to be remembered for?  when your customer makes their next decision to buy, why will they go for you.   There is a lot of outdoor event branding noise out there.  Your logo and message needs to be simple, concise and clear.

Shade cloth outdoor event branding is a great way to distribute your brand economically throughout an event.  No good to have a few banners here and there - you need continuity . . good visibility . .  repetition of your brand and message . . .in strategic positions.

The way to do it is to use custom colour shade cloth in your corporate colour, printed with repetitions of your logo and deploy the shade cloth as crowd and barrier fencing, to cordon off areas so doubling up as functional and advertising coverage.  It needs to be there from a functional point of view, so more than half the cost is covered already.

For outdoor event branding there is no easier and more effective way to give you big exposure and get your message across to a wide audience, whether it is local spectators or TV coverage or a combination of the two.  For more help with your large scale outdoor event branding . . .

Date Posted: 2010-10-21
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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