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Event branding has become a complex art and can be a combination of disposable branding like feather banners and pop-ups.  I recently sponsored a golf day and was in a rush so bought a couple of feather banners with our company branding on it.   I must say that it scored a 100% for ease of use, but about 10% when it came to good brand exposure for event branding. 

If I'd had more time I would have ordered printed shadenet for my event branding - to take a golf hole and plant a few feather banners on it is nice and easy if you are there to play a round and get jolly and do a bit of networking, but if you are serious about your branding and getting good value for money out of the thousands of rands you pay for the hole, then get real with a hundred metres or so of branding that step-and-repeats your logo surrounding the hole as a backdrop.

With the organiser, we even had problems photographing the feather banners as sometimes they are facing the wrong way and not really giving the right impression.  I must say that the Billabong event branding is one of the most effective ground level vertical branding i have seen.  It was so simple.  They ordered a few hundred metres of black shadenet with a simple and clear Billabong in white - big and bold.

Their event branding shadenet had sleeves every few metres.  Droppers you can buy at any hardware store are hammered into the ground and the event branding shadenet sleeved over it, to create a few hundred metres of vertical branding that can be seen by spectators as well as giving excellent TV exposure.

So if you are serious about your event branding then printed shade cloth from Printed Shadenet Solutions is the way to go.  Contact them now.

Date Posted: 2010-09-03
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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