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Shadenet Ink manufactures one of the only durable inks in the world for shade cloth printing.  Knitted HDPE shade cloth is a difficult substrate for printing on durably due to its oily composition.  Shadenet Ink clear base is designed to be flexible with good adhesion so that the shadecloth maintains all of its properties after shade cloth printing.

The ink is easy to use in any screenprinting process.  All that is needed is large format screen capability to print logos of up to 2m in length that can be seen from a distance.  A standard, manual, low technology screenprinting process works well.  The shade cloth printing ink is water-based so non-toxic to the environment and workers.

The Shadenet Ink Clear Base liquid is a UV resistant polymer coating with very flexible properties, supplied to the appropriate viscosity for screenprinting on HDPE shadenet.  Shadenet Ink Clear Base is designed for extreme durability and flexibility and additives promote high adhesion properties for shade cloth printing of HDPE shadenet.  

Screenprinters and spraypainters can use their standard water based pigments for colouring.   The product has been in use successfully for over 5 years.  The clear base is simple to use for a screenprinters or spraypainters who can achieve any of the effects that can be seen on The Shadenet Ink Website.  The Shadenet Ink Clear Base is water-based and non-toxic and is supplied in 20 litre containers.

The shade cloth printing process is the same as normal screenprinting.  The printing process takes longer than screenprinting with solvent inks.  As it is a water-based ink the drying time for shade cloth printing is longer and because of its elasticity, the shadenet cannot be moved off the table during the printing process.  

The printer can decide on the number of coats to apply to achieve the desired finish.   The more the holes are covered, the better the image quality.  However, in certain applications, ie the construction industry where 80% shadenet is a preference we have developed a lower cost one coat printing solution. The image is seen from a distance and therefore complete print coverage is less important.

Shade cloth screenprinters can use their own water based pigments and thickener as they would usually do for other screenprinting.  Guidelines and some tips we have learned about shade cloth printing over the years are published on the Shadenet Ink website.  Most effective strategy for shadenet suppliers and converters is to get a screenprinter nearby to contract to them exclusively and work with them to perfect it.  It is preferable that the screenprinter has computer design skills so he can do layouts (jpgs) for your customers.  Converters then sell the finished product and mark it up to the end user. 

Date Posted: 2010-07-11
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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