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Shadenet comes in a variety of standard colours, densities and widths.  For long runs, shadenet can be manufactured by Shadenet Solutions to specific colour, height, width and configuration.  

Construction shadenet is made to the ideal height for fencing and made with eyelets along the length for easy erection on ferncing.  The fence height custom manufacturing makes it easier to erect and save money by minimising wastage from offcuts of the standard 3m shadenet width.  The correct colour of shadenet to match the corporate Id makes contruction sites so much more attractive. 

For events, shadenet is ideal because of its durability and flexibility.  Speed is critical for event companies so the ease with which shadenet can be rigged is important for event organisers and event management companies.  The durability of shadenet makes it suitable for any weather conditions as opposed to the disposable branding that doesn't handle adverse weather conditions and can look terrible or needs to be taken down if things get too bad.

Shadenet can be supplied plain in a variety of standard colours.  The density can vary according to the requirements of the user.  High wind conditions would require a less dense shadenet which lets the wind through.  For it to look good, the higher density shadenet is best and it is ideal for printing on as the image comes our crystal clear.

Printing shadenet is now possible with Shadenet Ink which is a world first in producing an ink that can print durably on shadenet.  The beauty of Shadenet Ink which can be screenprinted or spraypainted onto shadenet is that only the print area needs to be printed and the rest of the shadenet can be the background colour.  So this makes shadenet way cheaper to print than digital printing which requires a white shadenet and the need to print the background colour.

So if you are looking for plain shadenet or printed shadenet then contact us now.  As wholesalers to the industry, a minimum shadenet order of R5,000 is required.

Date Posted: 2010-05-25
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Advertising, Building and construction,

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