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Construction 2010: Construction Branding Using Construction Shadenet and Construction Shade Cloth


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Construction industry leader Grinaker-LTA, subsidiary of Aveng Group is doing well and according to Mark Belman works closely with the local communities to ensure its success.  Grinaker-LTA is a quality construction company and takes its image seriously.

Grinaker-LTA has ordered further 2,000m of Printed Shadenet Solutions 1.8m shadenet fencebanner construction shadenet branding for to communicate their branding message to the business and local communities in which they work.

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According to Coface, companies that survive this period will be the ‘cream of the crop’ in the building industry and are likely to be successful into 2011. Quality construction companies such as Grinaker-LTA, NMC, GVK, Haw and Inglis, WBHO all of whom are clients of Printed Shadenet Solutions and order customised shade cloth (made to their own corporate colour and fence-height), printed shadenet, scaffolding wrap and shadenet fencebanner, to maintain the professional image of their sites and communicate their brand effectively and cost-effectively to their target markets.  These are construction companies who manage their businesses effectively and will stand the test of time.

Lorraine Gerrans, manager of Cape Town's Green Goal programme, said the host city agreement that Cape Town signed with FIFA laid down that construction would be suspended for the tournament in the stadium precinct, major transport hubs, entertainment areas and so-called protocol routes.   for example from the airport to the city’s Green Point stadium, and the stadium to team hotels.

If construction for example starts on the Portside Tower on the corner of Hans Strijdom and Buitengracht streets in the city centre, in terms of FIFA requirements the site would however have to be screened off.   This is an ideal opportunity for the construction industry who value their construction branding to use their existing construction shadenet and construction shade cloth more effectively to benefit from their construction in 2010.

A growing number of construction companies such as Grinaker-LTA, WBHO, GVK, Haw and Inglis and NMC are using this opportunity to get good exposure from construction shadenet branding.  Grinaker-LTA has deployed thousands of metres of construction shadecloth at their sites around the country to good effect, NMC deploys scaffolding wrap at strategic sites and who can argue the value of haw and Inglis very clever branding of their construction shadenet on hospital bend worth thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of rands as a result of being seen by millions of commuters and local and international business people travelling in and out of the city.

Murray & Roberts (M&R) last year earmarked an opportunity pipeline of R71,2-billion with roughly a third of this involving work in South Africa and more than R14-billion of it was converted to the company’s order book.  Ideal branding opportunities for Murray and Roberts world-wide.

Printed Shadenet Solutions has received record orders for customised and printed shadenet branding in the first two months of 2010 with the construction industry being a significant contributor.  The construction sector is fast realising the cost-effective opportunity of converting existing site shadenet for enhanced image and communication of the brand at a fraction of the cost of other less effective advertising spend.  Printed Shade Cloth Solutions is proud of their professional construction industry clients who have contributed to cleaning up their sites and communities with enhanced construction branding using existing construction shadenet and construction shade cloth more effectively to benefit construction in 2010.

Date Posted: 2010-02-26
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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