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2010 World Cup Soccer Branding Rules and Regulations - Airport advertising


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Interesting article regarding 2010 World Cup Soccer branding rules and regulations was featured by Viscom Africa recently.  Airport advertising for 2010 and airport branding for 2010 is an awesome opportunity for sponsors including printing on shadenet.

With the recent spate of marketers, agencies and media owners receiving a firm rap over the knuckles from FIFA, OHMSA (Out of Home Media South Africa) has found it necessary to remind the industry and marketers of the marketing and advertising guidelines related to the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa.  These 2010 World Cup Soccer branding rules and regulations impact on airport advertising for 2010 and airport branding for 2010.

Released by FIFA earlier this year and promulgated as bylaws in a number of the host cities already, the guidelines stipulate how the various logos, emblems, pay-off lines and event titles may be used. The aim of the bylaws is to protect the FIFA and its business associates against ambush marketing and 2010 World Cup Soccer branding rules and regulations show what is possible with airport advertising for 2010 and airport branding for 2010.

2010 World Cup Soccer Rules and Regulations 

INM Outdoor compiled an effective presentation that sums up the main points of the FIFA 2010 World Cup Soccer rules and regulations and the limitations placed on marketing opportunities during this time. Below are the salient points of the presentation
The do's and don'ts for promotional activities during the 2010 World Cup Soccer
Advertising and Promotion
What you cannot do if you are not a FIFA Partner/Sponsor:
    * Use the FIFA trademark visually (this includes the logo, mascot, emblem, poster or trophy)
    * Misleading the population/consumers into that thinking that your brand is in any way affiliated to the event
    * Use the FIFA trademark audibly
    * Use it in promotional activities, which in any way, directly or indirectly, is intended to be brought into association with or allude to the event
    * Protected trademarks:

    World Cup 2010
    Football World Cup
    South Africa 2010
    Soccer World Cup
    SA World Cup 2010
    FIFA World Cup
    World Cup
    SA 2010
    ZA 2010
    2010 World Cup
    2010 South Africa
    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
    2010 FIFA World Cup
    NB: FIFA has the right to add to this list

If you intend advertising on any out of home media during the period preceding, during and post the soccer world cup it would be prudent to have your advertising content pre-cleared either through your media owner or the FIFA LOC office in the cities in your area.
The situation regarding advertising on protocol routes is still unclear as FIFA are advising the out of home industry one thing while the bylaws promulgated by the cities are contradicting FIFA’s advice. The Johannesburg City Council has agreed that they would obtain confirmation from FIFA with regard to the actual state of play.
At present the Controlled Access Zones:
Airports: facing onto a public road. Sites within the Airport grounds are acceptable
Metro Rail Stations: Sites on the actual platform
Fan Parks: Within a 100m radius of a FIFA fan park or as demarcated by the relevant municipality
Training Grounds: General rule (within 1km)
Team Hotels: The details of the actual hotels to follow as not all have been made public yet. We do however know that The Hilton and Monte Casino are on the list. The general rule is within 100m.
Protocol Routes: Not all routes have yet been promulgated, OHMSA will keep you informed
Stadiums: At any place visible from the principal public road(s), leading to the venue of the final draw or to a stadium, and within 1km from the perimeter of the final draw venue or stadium
FIFA says those found contravening these guidelines would be informed in writing and if the situation was not remedied immediately would in all likelihood face prosecution.
The good news?
The potential of the World Cup in terms of communications is grossly under-estimated by marketing managers. Although rules are in place, consumers don’t think in terms of sponsor or non-sponsor – they see brands aligned with soccer. Consider these simple tips when planning your outdoor campaign:

    * Create one big idea and stick with it
    * Understand the FIFA/World Cup creative rules
    * Set a few key objectives with regards the location of your  Outdoor holding
    * Build on your creative strategy by abiding by the rules and guidelines
    * Develop your strategy around these objectives
    * Be creative but don’t try be too clever – remember we will be hosting many foreign visitors
    * Capitalise on football mania and the euphoria that will emanate from this exciting event – be Proudly South Africa

With thanks to Viscom for the original article which can be read here

Keep an eye on the 2010 World Cup Soccer branding rules and regulations when designing your branding to take advantage of airport advertising for 2010 and airport branding for 2010 or other branding opportunities.  Printed Shadenet Solutions can help you with creative branding,  airport advertising for 2010 and airport branding for 2010 using printed shadenet if you have understood the 2010 World Cup Soccer branding rules and regulations.

Date Posted: 2010-02-06
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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