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Shade cloth printing is becoming a key strategic advertising objective for construction, events, corporate carparks (shadeports) and public areas.  Brand exposure and sponsoring is made so much more effective with comprehensive and durable coverage with shadecloth printing.  Shadecloth printing can be outsourced or for printers worldwide, they can do can do their own printing using Shadecloth Ink.   Shade cloth printing is simple and the printed shade cloth product can be done large scale for maximum impact and is more durable than any other outdoor substrate.  It doesn't tear, rot or fade for up to ten years

Shadecloth Printing

Outdoor event sponsors are under pressure to maximise their exposure and reduce their costs.  Shadecloth can firstly be chosen or manufactured to the corporate colour, the right density for the application and the suitable width, whether it is for horizontal barrier fencing, perimeter fencing or vertical scaffolding wrap, or in the case of the coca cola branding,  the branding of the roof of a structure .

Printing shade cloth can be done anywhere in the world using the Shadenet Ink and logos up to 5m in width can be done using the screenprinted method for shade cloth printing or the spraypainted method of shadecloth printing.

Shadecloth printing was not possible a few years ago until Printed Shadecloth Solutions developed a commercially viable shade cloth ink for printing on shade cloth.

The durability and impact of shade cloth printing is unmatched in the outdoor environment.  For example a large digitally printed fence banner at the beachfront was recently replaced with shadecloth printing because it had faded and you couldn't see the brand after less than six months.  So if you are looking for top bang for your buck, then contact us now for shadecloth printing.  Shade cloth printing is the most impactful and long lasting way to draw attention to your brand.

Date Posted: 2010-01-20
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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