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Construction Branding and Construction Marketing for Construction Companies


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Construction marketing and construction branding are often a far cry from the kind of skills and thinking that construction companies have in their armoury.  Whilst some ad agencies are keen to help construction companies part with their hard earned profits off thin margins and big risks, blowing big money on paperware that lands in the bin is hard to justify.  

The simplicity of construction marketing by construction companies must start with the basics.  Some well-respected construction companies that come to mind such as NMC, Grinaker-LTA, GVK, WBHO and others have got the basics right in terms of ethical behaviour and quality work which extends to the order and cleanliness of their sites and the way they work.  What better advertisement of a construction brand than the work itself and the exhibit of the "wo(men) at work".

Construction marketing, Construction branding, Construction companies 

To back up my theory of quality work as the basics of construction marketing, why not show this off to, not only your customer, but the rest of the public, and with some of the TV coverage given to sites in the build-up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer, the rest of the world.  How often do you drive past a construction site and there is no, or minimal evidence of the construction brand or who the construction company is.   Most often these sites are in high exposure, high traffic positions seen by many business decisionmakers, so why not take advantage of branding the construction site economically and properly.

To prove a point, let me ask you a question "If you have travelled from Cape Town Airport into town recently . . Who is the construction company building the new roads and fly-over at Hospital Bend?"  I bet you know the answer to that.  Why?  Because they have effectively used strategically placed printed shadenet fence branding in high traffic positions on the N2 flyover into town.  How much did it cost them?  I am not going to tell you, but it was a fraction of the price of the contract, they were paying for the shade cloth already and I can guarantee you they have got hundreds of times their money's worth in construction brand exposure and possibly new deals as a result of it.

Construction branding using printed shade cloth on your sites for construction marketing is an ideal and cost-effective way for construction companies to
construction marketing

Date Posted: 2010-01-16
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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