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Outdoor Event Branding and Corporate Event Branding Ideas for Event Branding Companies


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Event branding by event branding companies for outdoor event branding and corporate event branding is not as simple as it used to be.  With the hundreds of event branding companies providing outdoor event branding and corporate event branding, it is often a difficult choice.  The more disposable and instant products such as feather banners and pop-up media is for instant out-of-your-boot use and the more impactful fencebanner, perimeter branding, large format images such as at the cricket need more planning.  Billabong were clever with their instant event fence branding which can be erected quickly at beach locations with a few stakes and a rubber hammer.

Printed shade cloth is a very durable outdoor material which can last up to 8 years if looked after well.  It doesn't fade easily like other digitally printed banners, it doesn't mould or get damaged easily in extreme weather conditions.  In some events, the shadenet printing was the only media that was left standing after heavy winds.  It also lets the wind through which minimises the chance of sponsor branding blowing away.  construction companies who don't easily part with their money for marketing and have engineers on board to make sure that the materials they use, are increasingly using shade cloth printing of their perimeter fencing at high exposure sites around the country.

Outdoor Event Branding 

Large scale event branding companies with contracts with sponsors of high profile events can have shade cloth made up to their choice of colour, density and width to perfectly suit the application.  Event Branding by event branding companies is made easy using printed shade cloth for their outdoor event branding and corporate event branding.

Printed Shade Cloth Solutions is a supplier and printer of shade cloth and developed an ink specifically for printing on shade cloth which is used around the world by event branding companies for their outdoor event branding and corporate event branding.  Go to to see more on durable and effective outdoor event branding solutions

Date Posted: 2010-01-15
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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