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Shade Solutions vs JP du Plessis and A-Z Fencing . Is this a scam?


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Printed Shadenet Solutions (PSS) sells shadenet and printed shadenet and received a few calls from a gentleman called JP du Plessis of A-Z Fencing in Pretoria who wanted to buy shadenet, and after liaising with him on email address, PSS sold him green shadenet to the value of R5437.80 including VAT.  Mr JP du Plessis gave PSS the following address and delivery information "A - Z Fencing, adress 633 Orthoclase street, Elarduspark Pretoria.  Delivery adress is  Highlands Estate Ajax street, Olympus , Pretoria"

Mr du Plessis said he needed the goods urgently and asked if he could collect them that day from the PSS depot in Randfontein.  PSS received a fraudulent Nedbank payment advice and the money was never received into the PSS bank account.  They called JP Du Plessis who answered his cellphone said he couldn't believe that the payment hadn't gone through and then cut the call.

The shadenet goods were collected from the depot in Randfontein using a car with the following details 1989 Opel Monza registration is BNF376GP registered in the name of Dr Johannes Petrus Du Plessis, ID number 4609115078085 of 37 Sandalwood Park, Farm Road, The Willows, Pretoria and postal address PO Box 583 Silverton Pretoria and tel number (012) 807 6975

PSS called the owner of the car Dr Du Plessis 012 807 6975 as it was his car that was used to collect the shadenet.  He asked for bank details and amount and said he would pay.  Then he said he would liaise with his son and get back to PSS, which he didn't.    Dr JP Du Plessis then said he had talked to his son and that he would pay.

On calling JP Du Plessis on the request of Dr Du Plessis, he said he acknowledges that he collected the goods and said that he will pay.   But that he didn't have the cashflow to pay.  After some to and fro-ing, Dr Du Plessis said he wants nothing further to do with it - it is between his son and us and that PSS would hear from his son's attorney.

Then PSS received the following fax from JP Du Plessis

__________________________________________________________________________________________29-OCT-2009 10:49    DR.J.P.DU/PLESSIS  012 8040435Shadenet SolutionsFor Attention:  RobinIn Re:  J.P.Du Plessis / Shadenet Solutions (Knittex Randfontein)The above captioned matter, as well as numerous telephonic conversations between writer hereof and yourself refers.In order for both parties to settle this matter amicabily, certian facts need to be placed on record, so that this matter my be brought to finalization.On the 15th October 2009, I did an internet search for suppliers of contractors code 80 shade-net.  I did the search on the "google" site and got a hit on "gumtree" site.Acesessing the gumtree advertisement, a certian Mr. Lionel Pravin advertised inter alia that he is an agent for Shade-net solotions for africa.  He stated on the advertisment that he can supply any shade net and that he should be send an email to for him to respond with an qoatation.An email was send to him, to which he responded with a invioce and banking details for a bussiness called Shade net solutions.  The total cost involved was R5437.80 and this amount was paid.  Subsequent to this Pravin responded by mail that the order was ready for collection  at Knittex and subsequently the order was collected.At no stage did i forward any form of proof of payment, to Shade-net solutions or Knittex, not was any for of proof of payment sent to Pravin.  at no stage did i have any direct or indirect contact with Shade net solutions nor did i ever had the intention to defraud any person.As it stands no i have been defrauded out of R5437.80 by Pravin and Shade net solutions have been defrauded by Pravin.  Subsequent to this i received stock from shadenet soluitions and as a result Shadenet solutions is out of pocket in the amount of R5437.80.As a result of the above I have laid a charge of theft and fraud under case 723/10/2009 at Garsfontein SAPD against Pravin.I am more than willing to pay to Shade ent solutions the amount of R5437.80, but i do not have the money in one installment.  I suggest to settle this matter I pay the outstanding amount in three installments, commencing on the 1 November 2009.10.29I reiterate that i never had any intention to defraud Shade net solutions no Knittex this situation occured as a result of the material misrepresentation of Pravin.In conclusion it can be stated that certified copies of all emails between Pravin and myself as well as copie of my bankstatement was given to the SAPS under case number 723/10/2009.I would appreciate it if you could view this proposal with the intention to settle this matter, on the best possible terms.Yours truly,signed by JP Du PlessisJP Du Plessis0713129573________________________________________________________________________________________________We checked on the internet for Pravin, shadenet, shadenetfa, Lionel Pravin on Google and Gumtree and found nothing.

PSS called Mr JP Du Plessis on 4 November 2009 who said his attorney advised him that they must accept his offer and then he will pay the first installment within three days and then the following payments each month thereafter.  PSS tried to send the fax to the number we received the fax from which says DR J P DU PLESSIS 012 8040435 and when they called this number the lady who answered the phone said Dr JP Du Plessis no longer works there and that they don't have a fax machine.  Mr JP Du Plessis asked PSS to send their acceptance to this email address which they did on the 4th of November 2009, asking for confirmation of receipt.

To date PSS have heard nothing from Mr JP Du Plessis and received no money.  They have reported the incident with all details to Nedbank who have opened a case for investigation.

PSS still haven't been paid a cent by JP du Plessis who also hasn't had the courtesy to contact them.  So we ask ourselves, Is this a scam?  Bottom line is that at this stage and until PSS  is paid in full with damages, they would not recommend that anyone do business with a Mr JP du Plessis 0713129573  son of Dr JP Du Plessis who can be contacted in 012 807 6975 - in case it is a scam.

Date Posted: 2009-11-09
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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