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Construction Boom leads to Sharper Brand Image for Big Guys


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The Importance Of Brand Image has come to the construction industry ahead of 2010 with the construction boom going ahead full steam and construction companies making good profits to reinvest in their future.

Construction companies are investing in their outdoor brand image by formalising their logos and using the extensive high profile their strategic sites to convey their brand to their customers and target markets. Reshaping their logos and making them more iconic for single colour printing and to make them visible and instantly recognisable from a distance. Grinaker-LTA, Haw and Inglis (H&I), Gordon Verhoef and Krause, G5 and Murray and Roberts are investing a proportionally higher spend in their marketing and image. Printed Shadenet Solutions has received orders for customised and printed shadenet (shadecloth) from many of them to enhance their image and provide wider exposure and recognition of their brand.

South Africa's construction and infrastructure sector is the fastest-growing economic sector. It is is expected to continue beyond 2010. Whilst construction of support structures for the 2010 World Cup is cited as catalyst for the boom, future growth will be driven by investment-related activity such as power generation, road infrastructure and water-related investments by the public sector. Construction companies can continue to invest these profits in their corporate brand image such as outdoor advertising and branding of their construction site fencing.

There is a shift in the growth points in the construction industry from a residential building slowdown to an accelerating infrastructure and civil engineering sector. Foreign contractors are being involved to bolster skills and capacity to meet the anticipated growth resulting in joint ventures. These foreign companies are more conscious of the need to invest more heavily in marketing to give them the competitive edge at their construction sites and to leverage the excellent exposure that can be attained from the high traffic outdoor advertising positions of most large construction sites such as Green Point Stadium for 2010.

According to recent trading updates from Group Five, Murray & Roberts and Aveng show earnings increases of between 40% to 65% year-on-year. The good news is that earnings will continue to improve owing to conservative way construction firms report. There are a lot of projects in the pipeline, and a lot of their order books are full. Printed Shadenet Solutions has experienced a record year as a result of their customised manufacturing of shadenet to the corporate colour, specific fence height, built-in eyelets for easy erection and printing of the shadecloth with the logo of the construction brand.

Many construction companies have turned to government infrastructure programmes, like those of Eskom building new power generating plants, the Gauteng Freeway Project (which plans to add lanes to the highway), and the Gautrain and even the government has recognised the value of printing on shadenet for events to enhance their image with service delivery to their constituencies. Printed Shadenet Solutions branded towers of the Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour for Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, who have a vested interest in 2010 as well.

Five South African companies are expected to emerge as challengers to the world's leading blue chip companies this year, according to the latest Standard & Poor's (S&P) Global Challengers List and three of them are in construction: Wilson Bayly Homes Ovco, Murray & Roberts Holdings and Aveng. The list this year is dominated by construction or construction-related companies who are in the race for the best tenders, best margins and projects. Looking for ways to enhance their images and profile in the international market. With all the attention on South Africa at the moment ahead of 2010, it is the ideal opportunity for these companies to get international and TV exposure from wrapping their sites in branded printed shadenet or shadecloth.

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Date Posted: 2008-08-25
Posted By: Printed Shadenet Solutions
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