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PROPERTY: How to Choose a Rental Property


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Even though there are a lot of rental properties available at the moment, finding a quality affordable apartment can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a student or a young professional starting out on your own and renting for the first time.

However, says Berry Everitt, CEO of the Chas Everitt International property group, there are things you can do to make the search easier, starting with some “scouting” to see what areas appeal to you and will fit your lifestyle.

Writing in the Property Signposts newsletter, he says that as a prospective tenant you should especially consider the following:

* Whether you would like an area that caters to young people or one that is quieter and more suitable for families, with convenient schools and parks;

* What amenities – such as a gym or a late-night supermarket – you would like to have nearby;

* How close you would like to live to work;

* Whether you need easy access to public transport or a road network.

“Next, you need to do some research in the classifieds or online to gauge what sort of property you can expect to get for your money in the areas you like. You may find that to rent in a certain area, you’d have to settle for a smaller unit – or alternatively that you need to consider other suburbs if you want a bigger flat for the same money.”

"Third, you need to make sure that your preferred area is safe. Issues to think about here include access-control on buildings and secure parking, but also simple indicators like residents being able to walk around the area at night, and whether the buildings are well-maintained.

"Then fourth, you must make sure your credit rating is good as landlords are weary of being ‘burnt’ by rent defaulters and are increasingly running thorough credit checks on all prospective tenants.

“And finally, when you start actually going to view apartments, go prepared to sign a lease. The right flat at the right rent will go quickly to someone else if you don’t lock in the deal.”

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