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BUSINESS: Be Ready for South Africa’s 2010 Boom


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It is that time of the year again when the workplace looks ahead to the new year and what is expected in the world of work. According to leading professional staffing organisation, Professional Career Services, the trends created by the global recession continue to force business to concentrate on their staffing tactics. South Africa, however, is facing a very unique year and unlike most of the world we enter the year with opportunities never before seen in Africa.

Professional Career Services Divisional Manager, Lesley Holm, says, “The FIFA 2010 World Cup is finally upon us and with it comes enormous possibilities, unique challenges and a chance to kickstart our economy. With such an event on our doorstep, many industries are gearing up for the expected rise in workplace demands. This is truly an exciting year for us, a year that will see an increase in workplace confidence and one that will benefit all South Africans, especially those with skills sets that are in demand.”

The aftermath of global recession is expected to wield its effect on the global workplace and employers will continue to seek to optimise their staffing structures. With the attention on maximised productivity from fewer workers, employers may be faced with a new dilemma. With workers already under enormous pressure there is a significant danger in employees “shopping” for new opportunities when the recession finally turns and growth steadies again on an upward trend.

“The negative impact of this for employees,” says Holm, “is the resultant drain on skills sets as the economy recovers and skilled workers become more demanding on matters relating to their environment and workplace conditions. To counteract a possible skills drain, employers may seek to implement innovative monetary and non-monetary rewards programmes to add value to their top talent. Transparency and employee involvement to draw on the collective workplace intelligence may just assist employers in continuing to optimise productivity and profits. The focus for 2010 will be on talent retention, increased productivity and profitability and responsible cost saving initiatives.”

With global uncertainty still a major concern, employees will continue to worry about the stability of their future. Negativity will continue to exist unless addressed by senior management and communication and transparency will remain crucial for workplace relationships to improve. The workplace will also see more of their senior management who are taking a more hands on approach to boost employee confidence and productivity.


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