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The future of Influencer marketing: The Future Of Influencer Marketing


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With the advancement of technology, businesses are discovering better and productive means to reach to their consumers. The traditional method, through technology, has now evolved as influencer marketing. Even businesses like Betway South Africa are looking for influencer marketing to expand their business. And they aren’t alone. Major brands are realizing just how useful influencer marketing can be.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing places it's focus on the influencer, considers their influence on social media over potential consumers, and leverages them to endorse a particular brand, create and promote your content and partner with you in publicizing the brand.

Although Internet has given a shot with their ads, it has created disinterest among consumers. This in turn has led to the development of ad blocking software.
Consumers trust those with strong sources and authority. Renowned celebrities tend to have greater influence on the purchasing decision of viewers and customers than an unreliable source. For that matter, influencer marketing is now seeking advanced trends.

Almost 39 percent of traders have increased their marketing budget for 2018. The campaigns of 2017 give an impression of letting go of their budgets and rising up with newer ones by the end of 2018.

The strategies of the influencer market is likely to change in the future. Some of the possibilities I perceive could be :

● Artificial intelligence to assess influencer’s data
To ensure that the content creator represents the brand with meaningful content to attract consumers, the marketers need to go through he details of their potential influencers. But this is equally a tedious task which is why Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role. With AI, the marketers can process through data and images effortlessly, and come to a conclusion about the person's professional character.

● Influencers’ melange
Today, if you are interested in getting in touch with an influencer, most people would start eyeing for those with more than 1 lakh followers. The stronger the influencer is, the more valuable their recommendation support will be. Therefore marketers are inclined towards celebrities and prominent names. But with times changing, the strategy calls for influencers from different status and levels. Both the low and many followings will receive attention from brands.

● Authenticity stipulation
The authenticity of content marketing has evolved from a consumer demand. Since traditional advertisements seemed to be produced only for the selling purpose, the call for reliable information was demanded. Influencers became the root for knowing oriented information, but with heavy orders to speak more on part of the brand has affected the trust factor. This is the sole reason why consumers demand for authenticity by looking for signs of precision and validity.

● Platform for unified performance
With the rise of essentiality of influencer marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, in the near future you may come across remarkable transformations in these platforms to make influencer marketing profitable and convenient to reach potential consumers and audience. They may provide with alternatives for progressive communication and paths for profit sharing in a specific transaction.

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