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That’s according to principal researcher Arthur Goldstuck. “SMEs are holding up incredibly well in the face of the recession. Make no mistake, they are bowed, but they are not broken,” he says.

Umsobomvu Youth Fund now operating as the National Youth Development Agency

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) is a South African youth development agency aimed at creating and promoting coordination in youth development matters. The NYDA results from the merger of the National Youth Commission and Umsobomvu Youth Fund.

The NYDA was formally launched on 16 June 2009.

The functions of the NYDA include the following:

National Youth Service and Social Cohesion

* Economic Participation

* Policy, Research and Development

* Governance, Training and Development

* Youth Advisory and Information Services

* National Youth Fund

For more information visit

Smart staffing

* Build team spirit without spending: Make staff feel good and valued by hands-on support of worthy community products. You don’t have to have expensive team events and motivational speakers.

* Consider job-sharing: Although a relatively new concept, this involves the sharing of one job by two people – more relevant to many stay-at-home mums who have specialised skills. These potentially valuable professionals desperately want flexibility, some income and more time with their children and in return they offer professional skills at a reasonable rate.

* Recruit with care: Look for a person with the right skills, qualifications and experience to deliver results within your business. Employ people who are productive and hard workers. Consider the trade-off between appointing one senior person who can serve in multiple roles and hit the ground running versus 3 junior people who have basic skills and much guidance. Be slow to hire and quick to fire.

Treasure your staff in tough times

For years companies have said how staff are their greatest assets. That if it weren’t for the people the company would not exist. Yet the first thing an organisation does in tough times is lay off people, downsize and reduce salaries.

You can tell the true character of a person not during good times, but during the bad. When their back is against the wall, what do they do?

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