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Business: Let Collect-a-Can Boost Your Stokvel This Women’s Month


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Stokvels are group savings schemes that provide for financial assistance as well as social and entertainment needs. Members contribute a fixed amount of money to a common pool weekly, fortnightly or monthly and each month a different member receives the money in the fund. Money may also be drawn by members in a time of need if authorised so by the group. There is a strong social aspect surrounding these clubs as women organisers hold parties on Sunday afternoons and often wear uniforms and sing popular songs as well as hymns. A profound feeling of ubuntu is created by these clubs as the women are helping to build up not only themselves and each other but are also building up their communities. Nearly half of black adult South Africans are members of stokvels and well over half of stokvel members are women.

The amount of money that can be collected in a stokvel fund is limited by the amount of money that each member can afford to put into it each month. If the members are able to do some collective fund raising they can increase the monthly payouts or accrue some money for a year-end bonus. “This is where Collect-a-Can can help” says Mathabo Phomane, PR and Marketing Manager at Collect-a-Can.

“Collect-a-Can pays cash in exchange for used beverage cans as well as used tinned food cans. If the ladies of the stokvel pooled not just their collective earnings, but also their used food and beverage cans and delivered these cans to Collect-a-Can they would be able to add the cash earned to their collective savings.” To take it a step further a stokvel association could consider becoming an agent for Collect-a-Can. What this means is that they would pay can collectors in the area a reduced rate for their cans and then transport the cans in bulk to the nearest Collect-a-Can depot for pay-out. The Stokvel could even solicit an agreement with entertainment venues, or shopping centres to keep cans for them.This works particularly well in areas where the nearest depot is far away and where bulk transportation would be more economical. Collect-a-Can assists agents by supplying them with collection bags and sometimes even baling equipment. Advice on making can collecting an economical business is readily available.

There is money to be made through can collection and this month Collect-a-Can want to let the ladies in the community know that we are here to help and support you. So start collecting cans today and help your stokvel payouts grow.

For more information on how to become and agent and the support provided by Collect-a-Can contact Collect-a-Can on (021) 534 7010or visit

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