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Business: Spescom Forms Strategic Alliance with CGF Resaerch Institute


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Spescom provides the technology, expertise and the innovation necessary to transform basic connectivity into flexible and scalable business communication platforms that deliver competitive and strategic advantage.

Says Jene Palmer, CEO of Spescom, "South Africans are coming to grips with the effect of the latest piece of compliance legislation - that of mobile phone SIM card registration. But what most people do not realise is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Other changes to legislation such as the new Companies Act and the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (RICA), amongst others will affect many local businesses. The impending application of King III, in particular, will change the way that businesses manage risk for good."

Spescom are specialists in delivering the underlying communication technology to assist companies and their employees to mitigate risks with voice transactions in a move to underpin specific areas of compliance and good corporate governance. As a player in the mobile market, Spescom has developed innovative products that assist executives or specialist employees on the move. These products have the ability to record any form of event - a document, discussion or photograph - and the information is stored in a manner whereby it meets regulatory standards for evidential purposes.

The products include the Libra Voice Recorder, a standard desk-based recording and archiving solution for telephonic interactions, the Libra Mobile platform that extends the standard recording solution to include mobile phones and ReMo, a hosted mobile recording solution that enables users to upload pictures, texts, videos and phone conversations from their mobile phone to a secure online vault. Users of the ReMo technology may access the stored information from anywhere in the world, and have the peace-of-mind and proof that the information has not been intercepted and changed..

Says Terry Booysen, CEO at CGF Research Institute, "King III is essentially about risk mitigation and running businesses better with increased accountability to its stakeholders. Whilst King III has a wider reach upon all companies as compared to its previous iterations, the latest version will cause companies to seriously re-consider its operations from a risk perspective. People and companies will need to become more risk averse, and implement sound corporate governance frameworks."

Palmer adds, "As a provider of mobile technology, Spescom is able to assist businesses in South Africa to comply with upcoming regulations with our solutions that mitigate risk associated with voice communication. Hence the reason for our alliance with CGF, who specialise in governance, risk and compliance research and related solutions."

CGF are corporate governance, risk and compliance specialists who conducts research to assist organisations in achieving the objective of complying with appropriate corporate governance practices.

The business landscape is changing, and fraud is on the increase. Risk management, corporate governance and compliance regulations are a reality, and organisations in South Africa will need to start applying these concepts and frameworks, not just to improve business practices, but in order to operate within the legal parameters

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