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BUSINESS: Who Should Be Maintaining the Lights?


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No matter how effective an initial lighting plan is, a regular maintenance plan is required to ensure that that the same quality and quantity of light is delivered year after year. However, none of this should matter to companies. In fact, reputable lighting solution providers should back their own products by accepting the risk of maintenance themselves.

Lighting systems are impacted by two major factors, lumen depreciation – the rate at which the light being emitted from the lamp fades over time and lamp failure rate – the rate at which the actual lamps will fail or burnout.

These factors, according to Relight Energy’s Director, Tristão Abro, are what businesses often fail to see and take into account. "We refer to this as the 'doubling effect’. Consider the combined effect of 50% lamp failure rate and 50% lumen depreciation which is a common specification of lamps. Businesses could in theory be operating at 25% output of the original lighting specification after a period of time.

What many business owners don’t realise is that their light is failing because the process of the 'doubling effect' happens slowly over a period of time.

Many industrial, commercial and retail operations may have upgraded older light fittings to fluorescent fixtures. Unfortunately, most good quality fluorescent fixtures are not suited to local industrial environments and have real life spans of less than 20,000 hours and therefore the 'doubling effect' affects productivity that much sooner. Taken a step further, if inferior LED solutions are installed, companies will experience lamp burnout and lamp lumen depreciation even quicker.

"We deal with the combined effect of the above factors by guaranteeing lux levels (quantity of light) over extended periods. Depending on the business requirements, this could be five, seven or ten years. Maintenance is completely removed from the equation for our clients as we accept the maintenance risk. That’s because we're completely confident in the quality of the products that we supply," concludes Abro.

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