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Business: DuPont Launches Operational Excellence Sub-Saharan Africa


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According to DuPont Safety Resources (DSR) Ex–Vice President Engineering and now Principal Consultant, Jim Porter, the launch of DuPont’s Operational Excellence offering on Thursday 4 June in Johannesburg is the culmination of five years of intensive work on a programme that has already seen much success in the USA and Europe.

"The DuPont Operational Excellence (OE) programme drives business productivity by applying proven practices and procedures to extract greater value from existing resources. The results are measurable and sustainable, and the OE model has become a key to global business competitiveness," says DuPont Safety Resources (DSR) South Africa Business Development Manager Derrick Sibanda.

Within the Operational Excellence programme are four basic foundation blocks:

Workplace safety and operational risk management
Capital effectiveness - successfully translates growth plans into physical assets that deliver business value. Employing DuPont’s world-class knowledge and know-how related to Capital Projects will minimize risk and lower the required capital investment by ensuring that people, technology and systems/processes associated with projects are appropriately aligned and managed.
Environmental management – the service offering covers Energy Assessments, Corporate Environmental Planning - including Energy efficiency and Green House Gas Strategies, Environmental Management Systems and Environmental Technical Solutions to support minimizing the environmental footprint.
Asset productivity - offering focuses on extracting the maximum value from an operating asset base, resulting in increased fixed-cost productivity. There are two main focus areas: Reliable Operations and Operational Sustainability - both necessary for improving and sustaining the competitiveness of operations.

Based on experience with its own organisations and factories, DuPont is bringing-to-market operational functionalities that assist in the creation of recession-resilient industries. The DuPont team sees itself as a partner in every client's business, believing implicitly that companies that excel in the global market will do so by maximizing the productivity of both plant assets and human assets. "Our offerings focus on visible leadership and change management," Sibanda adds. “The key is getting management buy-in to our solutions, which then filters down to all employees. We start by developing a road map in consultation with our client, and implement strategies from there.”

DuPont believes that creating a safe working environment requires more than just removing hazards and instituting safety procedures. It’s about people: their attitudes, how they behave and how they think. Having run the programmes in some large SA organisations, DuPont has seen both improvements and client satisfaction. According to DuPont "Good safety is good business.” We see the results in safety incidents going down and productivity increasing. The workers are the vital factor in making any workplace safe and productive.

DuPont is working with a broad range of production-oriented companies from manufacturing to mining. The programme has been running in the USA and Europe for some years now and, as such, the offering is tested and proven.

Having its sub-Saharan Africa operations based in South Africa for the past ten years, DuPont has a presence across the region in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Angola. DuPont Safety Resources has successfully implemented solutions in various industries, such as mining, transport, oil and gas, food, petrochemicals / chemicals and utilities.

"Asset productivity is a vital area for companies in South Africa right now," concludes Sibanda. "We believe the timing of our launch is ideal for those that have felt the effects of the current economic climate. Whatever the business need - a lower risk of incidents and injuries, improved productivity, sustainable returns on operating assets or a grass-roots change to embed safety and operational discipline - DuPont has a solution to improve business efficacy."

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