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Telecoms: What is the Cost Of Your Telephone Management System?


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Indeed, says Graeme Victor, CEO of voice-based telecommunications solutions company Du Pont Telecoms, a surprisingly number of medium to large organisations are unable to accurately quantify their monthly telecoms spend; nor do they know precisely what their carriers charge them per minute for each call.

"In today's economic climate when overheads are under enormous pressure, a reduction of a few cents per minute per call could make an enormous difference to the total telephony bill," he says.

"However, implementing a Telephone Management System that is programmed to manage employee behaviour (who they can call, where they can call, what network they can call and how long the call lasts) probably results in greater costs in terms of inefficiencies and employee frustration than in actual savings."

According to Victor, what's really required is a solution that manages calls -- and their per minute cost.

While there are Telephone Management Systems that can provide details and data about telephony costs including insight into carrier charges, Victor maintains that this is seldom translated into dramatic cost reductions.

"It's not a Telephone Management System that reduces costs -- it's how it is applied that ultimately determines its efficacy. Data that's obtained from the system has to be interpreted and acted upon for it to have any real value.

"Few organisations have the available skills, time and resources for this potentially multifaceted task -- a task that becomes even more complex when attempting to manage telephony costs across different departments, branches and even subsidiaries," he adds.

Victor recommends that instead of corporates investing in a sophisticated Telephone Management System, they opt for an end-to-end outsourced telephony management solution.

"The first step is to determine precisely what the organisation's telephony costs are as well as to clearly audit and identify calling patterns -- and then to use this information to structure a solution that delivers measurable cost savings," he concludes.

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