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Business: LexisNexis Launched Its Analytics Media Monitoring Solutions


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Analytics was introduced to the European market in 2007. In 2008 the system was launched in the United States of America and now South African businesses will be provided with competitive intelligence solutions as well as web and press monitoring solutions.

By making use of Analytics, businesses and other institutions will be able to automatically monitor blogs, web sites, forums, internal content and press coverage through a single interface. Analytics will enable companies to store all their information in one place and will give them the confidence of not missing key information or leaving out important information sources. Information that can be tracked includes the reputation or mentions of specific companies, competitors or industry issues facing a company.

LexisNexis saw the opportunity to combine content, technology and services to help worldwide organisations assess media trends and consequently implement intelligent strategies. Analytics monitors information in 39 languages which can be automatically translated into English for the South African market.

Key decision-makers who are involved in various business sectors â?? from strategy and risk management to communication, research and development - will be able to spot and react to trends that may have an influence on business decision-making without using more time or resources. Analytics will also be useful to organisations such as political parties, NGOâ??s and government to monitor issues and reputations.

Analytics will make it possible for users to categorise and sort information by volume, source, topic, company, person and region. Users can pinpoint the source and track the spread of information that may affect their businesses. For the first time South African companies will now be placed in a position to take a global or regional view of their companies and measure their organisationâ??s impact and reputation with the support of monitoring and supplied easy-to-read graphics.

Strengthened by its vast experience and keen to maintain the spirit of partnership with its clients, LexisNexis Analytics offers clientele three types of solutions today: LexisNexis Dashboard, LexisNexis Monitor and Personalised Reports.

Analytics Dashboard will allow businesses in the South African environment benchmark themselves by tracking press coverage. Supporting graphs and charts will enable key-decision-makers to evaluate the tone of news coverage and to spot patterns locally as well as internationally. With the assistance of Analytics Dashboard, organisations will be able to assess positive and negative coverage of specific subjects, ranging from companies to individuals. The detailed coverage can also be assessed with reference to variables such as geography, media type and other.

Another tailor-made product, Analytics Monitor, is a solution-based on archival, retrieves, distributes and analyses systems for content which will enable clients to search and filter through information according to specified criteria that the user chooses to insert, for example: person, company, specific business issue and product. The system includes all content, including over 5-billion documents and records from over 34 000 sources, free and paid Web sources and can even record data and surveys from their own company.

LexisNexis also offers its clients written personalised reports by expert consultants. These personalised reports can be published with a format and frequency according to the clientâ??s specific requirements. Examples of these reports are: weekly news summaries, monthly reports, quarterly image studies, strategic analyses and recommendations.

According to Letitia Mukherjee, Manager of International Online Services for LexisNexis â??LexisNexis Analytics has implemented hundreds of tailor-made solutions for its clients internationally, including PSA Peugeot Citroen, Pfizer, Amaury Sport Organisation (monitors the "Tour de France") and Canal+ and still continues to adapt and enrich those solutions by pro-actively studying future requirements.â?

By making use of the Analytics, South African business and other institutions will be able to monitor all main sources of legal, scientific, technical and financial intelligence in the following formats: transcripts, emails, news sites, company web sites, blogs, discussions forums, RSS feeds and premium LexisNexis content.

One of LexisNexis Analytics most interesting case studies has been the media monitoring of the U.S presidential election in 2008. â??In addition to tracking media coverage sentiment by candidate, our 2008 Election Dashboard also tracked which U.S political issues were most frequently covered by the news media and the volume of presidential candidate coverage by media type,â? says Mukherjee. For example LexisNexis Analytics found that, Sen. Barack Obama was the subject of 18 percent more media articles on 22 October 2009 â?? two weeks before the election - than his competitor Sen. John McCain.

Customers in more than a 100 countries are being served by 18 000 professional LexisNexis employees. In South Africa LexisNexis is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets.

*Press Release Visual:
Analytics 1: *The attached LexisNexis Dashboard visual is a graphical scorecard which measures the evolution of the number of documents, compares person or brand recognition, evaluates the tonality of discussions, identities the most critical articles, lists the most active sources and determines the issues that are most often addressed and the companies most often quoted concerning a given issue. This tailor-made solution can be configured for all types of sources and in all languages.

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