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Business: Bird's-eye View Of Competitive Landscape Proves Efficient


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Data visualisation service enables every business to see the bigger picture and adopt an intelligent, scientific approach to marketing and growth strategies.

Marketing insights company, Knowledge Factory and MapIT, have announced the introduction of a new Data Bureau Service that makes the sophisticated, scientific marketing intelligence typically only available as a result of large, bespoke analytics projects more accessible and affordable. The result of a collaboration with MEDIAMAP and MapIT, the service arms marketing and brand managers in companies of all sizes with a map view of competitive landscapes that enables them to better understand and more precisely segment their customers.

“The Data Bureau Service is about getting this vital information and intelligence into the hands of managers as conveniently and cost-effectively as possible,” explains Geraldine Mitchley, chief executive officer of Knowledge Factory. “Many managers know they need to adopt a more precise and scientific approach to their marketing and growth strategies, but lack the resources to undertake the large analytics projects required. This service eliminates those concerns because they don’t need to buy expensive data sets and set up the necessary systems to manipulate and analyse it in-house.”

At the heart of the Data Bureau Service is MapIT’s MarketScope, which is the engine that drives the service and transforms the various analytical data sets available from Knowledge Factory into visualised data. The process uses geo-demographic segmentations — segmentations that use geography or actual physical location — to blend complex data sets and disparate bits of information together.

“MarketScope gives you the ability to have a bird’s eye view of your competitive landscape in a map-based context, layering any number of datasets against a spatial backdrop,” confirms Mitchley,” and this data visualisation process enables us to map consumer behaviour and not only help decision makers identify ‘who’, but also precisely ‘where’ their target audiences are.”

Emphasising the importance of the collaboration behind the service, Mitchley explains that MEDIAMAP provides the strategic and business consulting and the essential link between MapIT and Knowledge Factory. “The Data Bureau Service employs MapIT’s powerful market mapping software, MarketScope, to deliver the information to managers and, together with MEDIAMAP, this has enabled us to extend Knowledge Factory’s industry-leading geo-demographic capabilities and proprietary data sets to a much wider range of organisations,” she explains.

“It’s really about helping businesses to see the ‘bigger picture’ and obtain a bird’s eye view of their competitive landscape by overlaying the maps with any number of different bits of information” concludes Mitchley. “Firms can get the answers to specific, intricate questions about customer behaviour quickly and inexpensively, ensuring they consistently attain maximum returns.”

For further information about the Data Bureau Service visit or contact them on (011) 888-2180.

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