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CALL CENTRES: Call Centre Technology - Increases Staff Performance


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Working as a call centre agent has become an occupation – not just a job to make ends meet. If your technology improves customer service, the results will pay off in customer approval – and that’s the only thing that really counts, says Jed Hewson, of cloud-based call centre technology leader 1Stream.

Over the last twenty years we’ve learned a lot about building and running call centres. There were many lessons learned in setting up the telephony systems and the terminals the agents would use. Even more lessons were learned about managing outsourced call centres. Then came Voice over IP (VoIP) and amazing new possibilities in integrating the voice and the customer care elements – and distributed, on-demand call centre outsourcing became not only practical, but imminently popular for businesses needing flexible in-bound and out-bound assets.

The Agents Make the Difference

While there is still unreliable call centre operators running on systems built from gum and string, with agent administration based on uncertainty. The reputable operations have figured out most of the technical and management issues of running and managing a large group of agents to a tight client brief. We’re now at a new variation point – thanks to the many pros of working with outsourced facility providers, almost any size operation can be using the latest telephony and call management technology. So what makes the difference between an average call centre, a first-rate one, and a remarkable one‘ It is without a doubt- the people.

We’ve all heard that “people are our greatest asset”, the cliché-ridden banality spewed by every hack business executive since the dawn of corporations.

70% of call centre costs are your people – the agents and their managers. If they’re unmotivated, unmanaged, unfriendly and unhelpful, the call centre suffers. Bad agents equal unsatisfied customers.

Call Centre Agents Treated as Disposable

Over the past few years customer satisfaction scores have become the sole important metric of call centre operations – not the number of calls handled per agent per hour, or time to completion, or first-call resolution – it is customer satisfaction. Consumers have become demanding – if the call centre can’t handle their problem, or if the call quality is bad, or if the call keeps dropping they will complain.

The big turnaround we’re seeing in call centres – and outsourced call centre operators – is improving the ability to manage their call centre staff. It is more important that operators are able to empower their call centre staff to do their jobs better. For far too long companies have treated call centre agents as fundamentally disposable and replaceable. But the industry has grown, and the quality staff that you want to retain has become more demanding. These are the kind of agents that are capable, professional, reliable, sensible, hard-working and committed. They want to work in a facility where their workday is pleasant and they aren’t forced to use appalling technology that makes them (and the customers they’re trying to serve) despondent – such as rough voice quality, dropped calls, no integration of customer management and telephony systems.

Call Centre Agents Want to Be Helpful

These agents – the ones that actually help customers to solve problems – are not unintelligent. They know how angry an already irritable a customer gets when they have to repeat their account number. They are aware that having the previous call history on hand will allow them to be more competent at what they do. They’re going to go work for a call centre operator that can allow them to do their jobs. They want to know that they have the right tools; that management has a good enough handle on who is actually performing, and who is benefitting off the efforts of the rest of the team.

The power of call centre technology needs to shift to helping the people that work in them - work smarter, better, and faster.

Today, any call centre provider that does not provide integrated customer relationship management functionality along with telephony, recording and monitoring is not doing you any favours. Well-managed agents with good technology tools, comprehensive training and hands-on experience… and the right attitude… will find a way to help customers, because that is what gives them job satisfaction.

Get rid of the lazy, bad-attitude individuals, and trust your fine people. Give your call centre agents the technology they need to get the job done. Have the tools to monitor performance so that you can recognise those agents that do well. and then watch customer satisfaction scores soar.

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