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ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning is Integral to Business Success


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Enterprise Resource Planning is a term that management and IT professionals discuss at length. But what exactly does it mean; what does it encompass, why should a company see it as a key business solution and is it here to stay‘ Jane Thomson, MD of Softworx, a leading provider of business applications, says “An Enterprise Resource Planning system is exactly that, it is a means for an organisation to use its resources more effectively.” Enterprise Resource Planning on its own is not a software programme, instead Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are developed to meet the demands of a company’s customers, suppliers, employees and other business units.

Thomson says that it is inevitable that an Enterprise Resource Planning solution will be required by a company at some point during its lifecycle. “An integrated Enterprise Resource Planning solution that matches the way a company does business can make a difference to the success of an organisation, setting the fast growing company apart from an average performer.” Without an Enterprise Resource Planning system a company will most likely have a vast number of different software solutions that do not talk to one another effectively. Business functionality is optimised by customised and interactive solutions. Thomson says that as an organisation develops and grows it becomes integral to the success of the company that the right business applications and solutions are in place.

The Rumours About Enterprise Resource Planning

For a considerable number of years there has been talk of the demise of Enterprise Resource Planning as successive new technologies have surfaced. Service Oriented Architecture was one such technology that set the rumour mills turning. Thomson says that she cannot see Enterprise Resource Planning disappearing. “It is the primary system of record and will continue to be the foundation. The market has seen growth in Enterprise Resource Planning requirements but I don’t subscribe to some organisations claiming to have experienced double digit growth.”

Continued investment in research and development by leading Enterprise Resource Planning providers like Infor will continue to see revitalized ERP solutions- including templates; industry specific functionality and tools to improve speed of implementation and ease of upgrades- leading the way for small, medium and large enterprises. Infor a leading provider of business application software servicing over 70 000 customers around the globe, is represented by Softworx in South Africa. Infor is able to respond to changing business challenges quickly and effectively. “This is what sets their solutions apart in the industry,” says Thomson.

Enterprise Resource Planning Can Lead to Operational Growth

The Enterprise Resource Planning system automates business processes by placing them into a simple and concise visual format. Information can flow constantly allowing an integrated view of a client’s information process at any point. Purchases and expenditures can be registered at a central database and interactions between marketing, sales, quality control product processes, supply lines, stocks and other areas can all be found at a single point.

The right Enterprise Resource Planning software can provide an organisation with the tools to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions—faster. Thomson says that an Enterprise Resource Planning system need not be an astronomical expense. “We give our clients a tailored and flexible solution that is cost effective and allows them to add functionality as their organisation grows.”

Infor will be hosting their Infor10 roadshow in South Africa this month. Thomson says the roadshow provides Softworx and Infor with an opportunity to provide clients and prospects with the latest industry insights such as Enterprise Resource Planning software while showcasing leading business application solutions.

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