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Property: Successful Office Developments in Fourways and Waverley


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The accelerating trend of working where you live isn’t just about convenience or new urbanist aesthetics. It’s a dedicated attempt to create economically and environmentally sustainable spaces that both enhance quality of life and further the goals of green development principles.

“Town planners have increasingly underscored the benefits of working and living in close proximity,” explains town planner Henry Nathanson of the Henry Nathanson Partnership in Johannesburg.

“Cutting commuting costs by providing business space close to residential areas means less travel time, lower fuel consumption and the resultant environmental benefits of lower carbon emissions.”

Development and investment firm Vlaming (Pty) Ltd. is one developer who is actively implementing the idea of economic and environmental sustainability.

Developer Jan Vlaming says: “It just makes good economic sense to provide exceptional office space close to good residential nodes. Indeed, this ideal underpins our two latest developments in Fourways and Waverley.”

Cedar Office Estate in Johannesburg’s fast-growth Fourways node is a response to worsening traffic congestion throughout Sandton and the northern suburbs. Situated on Cedar Road, the estate offers easy access and exceptional security, in close proximity to both healthcare and shopping facilities.

“The new Fourways Hospital is located right opposite the estate and the Cedar Square Shopping Centre is diagonally across the road,” says Vlaming.

To provide a range of options to occupiers, Vlaming and joint venture partner Devcon Projects (Pty) Ltd. will make available sectional title units at Cedar Office Estate from 150m2 to 1,500m2 in size. “The idea is to create a hub of activity for both single occupants and multiple tenants. It’s a development particularly suited to professional suites,” elaborates John Greve of Devcon Projects.

Another case in point is Waverley Office Park, situated just off the Corlett Drive off-ramp on the busy M1 motorway.

The 35,000m² low-bulk office estate is being developed with a view to meeting the escalating demand for professional and corporate offices within easy reach of the north-eastern residential suburbs. The first phase is scheduled for occupation in December 2009, with later phases developing on a demand-led basis.

“Because it’s such a key feature of our planning and development, we’re investing in transport infrastructure extensively,” adds Vlaming, pointing to plans to upgrade the Corlett Drive off-ramp and extend Scott Street to alleviate congestion.

John Greve of Devcon Projects has worked closely with local residents to create a project that resonates with the community and adds to the urban landscape in a positive way.

“The bottom-line for developers is to increasingly find innovative ways of creating space that improves quality of life, minimizes our impact on the environment, and fosters healthy and successful communities,” adds Nathanson.


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