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HYGIENE: SME Pest Control New Focus Area for Bidvest Steiner


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Bidvest Steiner, South Africa’s leading empowered hygiene solutions provider, has launched a pest control division that aims to bring the company’s half century of service experience to bear in this new focus area.

The new pest control division services large corporates but also aims to make inroads into the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) market.

¬ďSMEs often don¬ít have the expertise or budget to ensure effective pest control because they are so focused on their core business. SMEs also tend to be hesitant to approach large suppliers, fearing excessive cost and the perceived complexity of the relationship,¬Ē said Alan Fainman, CEO of Bidvest Steiner.

Local SME Pest Control Solutions the Answer

By devolving decision-making authority and responsibility to the individual Bidvest Steiner regions, Mr Fainman believes that this ¬Ďthink global, act local¬í approach will appeal to SMEs who value tailor made pest control solutions from service providers located in their own backyard.

While Bidvest Steiner¬ís newly-launched pest control division will focus on building regional relationships, clients across the corporate spectrum can rest assured that the company¬ís products, services and consumables are standardised across all operations. ¬ďIn an industry prone to fly-by-night operators, it is reassuring to our clients that they always know what they are getting,¬Ē explained Mr Fainman.

On the benefits of belonging to Bidvest, Mr Fainman said that affiliation to this particular group of companies was one of Bidvest Steiner¬ís biggest assets. ¬ďAside from the phenomenal intellectual capital that resides with the Group, the linkages and relationships that exist between companies mean that significant cost savings are realised. These are immediately passed onto our clients.¬Ē

The Positives of Using Local Pest Control Solutions for SME’s

According to Mr Fainman, the advantages of partnering with an established pest control solution provider such as Bidvest Steiner include the fact that only registered pest control officers are employed to service client premises, the company only uses pesticides approved by and registered with national regulators and the company offers a convenient monthly service to ensure successful pest prevention and infestation management.

¬ďA pesticide is only as good as the person who applies it. Our pest control officers are both highly-experienced and certified. This translates into minimum disruption to a client¬ís core business,¬Ē concluded Mr Fainman.

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